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2015 SURVOX Summit

Oct 8-9 | Philadelphia

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Target and Recruit Respondents with Survox IVR

Phone & IVR

When is a phone interview not subject to lunch breaks?

Don’t get me wrong. Taking a lunch break is just fine. But when you’re doing phone-based interviewing to quickly complete your demographic-sensitive study, every minute counts. Time away from actual data collection makes it more difficult to capture early insights from a representative sample, whether it’s for market research or opinion polling. So, what’s a researcher to do? Bring in IVR, “the other phone” interview method.

USA & the TCPA | Rational Player?

The United States prides itself on a healthy environment within which citizens have a voice in government and corporations conduct business within a predictable regulatory structure. Both entities make decisions based on a trust that the government will act as a rational player* and change policies only when changing them is in their self-interest. The FCC’s latest TCPA ruling, sending us back to rotary phones, seems to have broken that trust.

Top Reasons to Go to the Survox Summit

Register Now | More Summit information At the 2015 Survox Summit, we're going to help you and your organization reach new heights in data collection. Here are some reasons why you should attend this year’s conference on October 8 & 9 in Philadelphia.

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