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Qualtrics and CFMC Team to Offer Best-of-Breed Call Center Technology

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Increase Interviewer Productivity

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Take Dialing to the Next Level with Call Blending and IVR

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Save the Date -- 2015 CFMC Survox User Conference

Let the Freedom of the Voice of the Customer Ring in the City of Brotherly Love! October 8-9, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA Learn about the latest Survox innovations and how we continue to enhance our technology so that you can provide your customers with whatever they need to deliver timely, exceptional market research and opinion polling capabilities. Learn the latest programming tips, meet one-on-one with our experts, and network.

Eat In | Dine Out. How do dining options relate to survey research?

What does a good customer experience mean to you? Perhaps tonight you want to enjoy a dinner from that sensational new chef at your neighborhood restaurant. After reviewing a variety of options on the menu, you pick out a delectable meal but then remember that you’re expecting a call soon and need to be home. No problem. This special treat is packaged up, brought home, and now you can enjoy it whenever you are ready. Let’s look at this experience and how it applies to multi-mode data collection.

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