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What’s New in CfMC Release 8.7.1

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Increase Interviewer Productivity

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Take Dialing to the Next Level with Call Blending and IVR

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CfMC Technology Leveraged in Cancer Epidemiology Study

Duke University is conducting a study with eight other research institutions across the country to learn more about the cause and prognosis of ovarian cancer in African American women. This research, the African American Cancer Epidemiology Study (AACES), involves conducting telephone interviews with 2,000 African American women in 10 geographic regions. The interviewers use computer-aided telephone integration (CATI) technology from CfMC and enter responses in CfMC’s Survent survey platform.

Baseball and the Art of Multi-Mode Sampling

In some ways, multi-mode sampling for marketing research is like baseball – without all the popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs. Here’s why. Let’s assume it’s late in the game and the pressure is on to score runs. As the deadline approaches to collect data and provide a report, you’ve got to bring in your heavy hitters, AKA on-phone surveys

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