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2015 SURVOX Summit

Oct 8-9 | Philadelphia

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Phone & IVR

TCPA Regulations and How to Avoid Litigation

The TCPA ruling from the FCC that went into effect on July 10, 2015, which was intended to protect consumers against unwanted robo calls and spam texts from telemarketers, also has provisions that can significantly influence the way phone survey research is conducted. Jeffrey Poston, partner, Crowell and Moring, will give a keynote presentation at the Survox Summit on this topic.

August 21 - Quota Management Webinar

Technical Webinar: Review a variety of tips to help you manage quotas most effectively, particularly as this relates to master quota files. You’ll learn how our technology enables you handle cell phone lines differently than landlines and how quotas can be managed very efficiently with our software. Here’s a summary of best practices covered in this webinar.

What Does the Future of Telephone Survey Research Look Like?

Where do you think telephone survey research is headed and what trends will have a major impact on data collection? David Dutwin, Executive Vice President and Chief Methodologist at SSRS, will deliver a keynote presentation on “The Future of Telephone Survey Research” at the Survox Summit in Philadelphia.

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