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TCPA Regulations and How to Avoid Litigation


The TCPA ruling from the FCC that went into effect on July 10, 2015, which was intended to protect consumers against unwanted robo calls and spam texts from telemarketers, also has provisions that can significantly influence the way phone survey research is conducted. Jeffrey Poston, partner, Crowell and Moring, will give a keynote presentation at the Survox Summit on this topic. His session on TCPA Regulations and How to Avoid Litigation will review:

  • How this ruling impacts phone research
  • Strategies to help researchers cope with the implications of this ruling
  • How technology and processes can help researchers adapt to this environment while still being able to meet goals for projects, budgets and timelines

This is one of the many key topics of interest to marketing research and opinion polling organizations that will be discussed at the Survox Summit in Philadelphia on Thursday, October 8.

About Jeffrey Poston:
Poston image

Jeffrey Poston is a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Crowell & Moring and is co-chair of the firm’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Group and a member of the Litigation Group. He is a trial attorney by trade focused on counseling and defending clients in complex data protection matters involving class actions and regulatory enforcement actions. He has represented clients in a variety of industries, including higher education, automotive, and defense in matters involving privacy and protection of personal information. This includes defending and counseling clients in class actions asserting violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The 2015 Survox Summit

October 8-9 2015 | Philadelphia, PA  |  Historic District
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Join us, industry experts, and your peers for our annual Users Conference, the 2015 Survox Summit.  Learn how CFMC and Survox technology is helping users leverage multi-mode capabilities to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow their business

August 21 – Quota Management Webinar

August 21: 9 AM to 10 AM PT
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In this technical webinar, Jim Ratto will review a variety of tips to help you manage quotas most effectively, particularly as this relates to master quota files. You’ll learn how our technology enables you handle cell phone lines differently than landlines and how quotas can be managed very efficiently with our software. Here’s a summary of best practices covered in this webinar.
  • Named vs Numbered Quotas
  • Updating Quotas Using the “Now” Option
  • Master Quota File
  • Quota Management while Predictive Dialing
  • Markets
  • Managing Quota in the Phone Record
  • Auto Hiding of Full Quota Cells
Register Now to attend the webinar.
Technical sessions like this one, as well as overviews of technology issues and trends — such as TCPA — will be featured at the Survox Summit on October 8 & 9.  See the conference agenda for more details.

When is a phone interview not subject to lunch breaks?

Hint: Think IVR3624988_s

Don’t get me wrong. Taking a lunch break is just fine. But when you’re doing phone-based interviewing to quickly complete your demographic-sensitive study, every minute counts. Time away from actual data collection makes it more difficult to capture early insights from a representative sample, whether it’s for market research or opinion polling. So, what’s a researcher to do?

Bring in IVR, “the other phone” interview method.

Call In or Call Out
IVR can be available 24 x 7 and enables your respondents to complete an interview on their own time with an inbound call to a voice-activated computer survey. With an outbound call to a continuously optimized call list you can focus recruitment of just those needed to close a study. Either way, no interviewing labor is involved.

Call Cheaper
Split a phone survey into IVR and live interviewing to complete the study faster and save on labor. IVR can call land lines and live agents can dial cell phone numbers. For an opt-in list, use IVR standalone.

Catch Callers
Nurture those callbacks by letting an IVR system answer, identify the caller, and then forward her to an appropriate interviewer if that quota is still open. If interviewers are busy, the caller can be offered an IVR survey or asked for a convenient time to connect later. Callbacks become completes; labor is saved.

Call Transfer
Phone interviewing hours are precious. IVR can be used to screen contacts and forward only those who qualify – optimizing interviewer time. Surveys can also be designed for interviewers to conduct one portion and then transfer respondents to an IVR system to complete the survey. Not only does this free up more interviewing time, but may also provide better answers to private, sensitive questions that people aren’t comfortable reporting accurately to an interviewer.

Traditionally, researchers saved IVR for standalone studies. Now with fully integrated multi-mode technologies, IVR can be mainstreamed into data collection strategies.

Your phone research budget must go far? Then consider IVR.

Learn more:



USA & the TCPA | Rational Player?

bluegear smThe United States prides itself on a healthy environment within which citizens have a voice in government and corporations conduct business within a predictable regulatory structure.  Both entities make decisions based on a trust that the government will act as a rational player* and change policies only when changing them is in their self-interest.  The FCC’s latest TCPA ruling, sending us back to rotary phones, seems to have broken that trust.

  • Would a rational government not want to hear from all of its citizens about how well we are allocating resources and spending tax revenue?
  • Would a rational player restrict both itself and its businesses from cost effectively testing services and products?

So, assuming rational players, let’s explore potential drivers behind the restrictions on cell phone dialing.

Is the public truly outraged or is the voice of a few being amplified by class action litigators?

Researchers and opinion pollsters are professionals who, on the whole, work diligently to identify cell phone numbers and treat those numbers differently. While complaints of unintended calls to cell phones do happen, the professional researcher handles the complaint and ensures that their operation removes that person from their lists.

Prior to calling, researchers will rely on the tools available to them, including the national Do Not Call registry and services that identify ported cell phones numbers and blocks of cell phone numbers.

If we want to reduce robo-calls then why not regulate the practice itself?

Selectively changing the economics does not change the overall practice and suggests that we may be seeing the results of effective lobbying by Telco providers who want to offer new premium blocking services.

Or is the ruling politically motivated?  Political polling and public policy researchers rely today on phone-based data collection to reach representative respondents.  Restricting access to cell phone respondents may disadvantage large blocks of citizens.

  • If researchers are now less likely to call cell phones, then the demographics who tend to be cell-phone only households (younger voters and lower socio-economic segments) will now be less represented in public policy research and the subsequent public policy decisions.
  • If researchers shift to rely more on web surveys, then seniors will be the ones less represented and policy makers will risk the very same decision making bias that the research was intended to address.

So is all this unintended consequences or are we seeing the deliberate actions of a rational player?  Either way, for citizens and businesses, the FCC’s actions seem to challenge the implicit trust between citizens, businesses and their government.

CFMC joins the MRA and other industry leaders in our support for an open and rational business environment.



* In economics and game theory, the participants are sometimes considered to have perfect rationality: that is, they always act in a way that maximizes their utility, and are capable of arbitrarily complex deductions towards that end. They will always be capable of thinking through all possible outcomes and choosing that course of action which will result in the best possible outcome.  Source:  Wikipedia

Survox Newsletter, # 3


Survox News

Reach New Heights in Data Collection at the Survox Summit

October 8-9, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

summit hikers

more information

Join us at the Survox® Summit in Philadelphia’s Historic District with an exciting line up of activities and sessions. You’ll learn best practices for optimized call center operations and discuss important issues and trends in data collection. PRC credits will be available.

Conference Agenda Notesprc logo

Guest speakers will discuss “The Future of Phone Research,” and “TCPA Regulations & How to Avoid Litigation.” Agenda

Hotel and Conference Registration
liberty bellRegistration begins in July. Rates range from $225 to $299 per person, depending on the number of attendees from your organization. Early registration ends August 7.Our host hotel, Wyndham, has discounted rooms available from $189 a night. Make your room reservations now before they’re gone!

IVR the New Phone?

Do you want to experience the benefits of phone research at a much lower cost?

Want to give your respondents more choices in how to engage?

Need an automated way to collect post-transaction or interview feedback?

If so, it’s time to think outside the mode – whether you are a marketing organization looking to more fully capture and record the voice of the customer or a call center focused on becoming more efficient. It’s time to consider Survox® IVR.

It’s easy to get started with Survox IVR.  The Customer Success team offers IVR training to enable your team or will program and manage IVR as a service to help you get started. Either way, you can achieve the benefits of phone research at a much lower cost.

When to Use IVR
IVR is an excellent approach for calls that don’t require live interviewers. This may include:

  • Fielding inbound calls and performing CTI transfers from live call center agents
  • Placing outbound calls for brief interviews
  • Collecting customer feedback – Have a URL and an 800 number on store receipt and other invitations to connect.

More information

New White Papers and Articles

Recent compelling white papers, articles, and other materials, featuring best practices in multi-mode data collection, the value of IVR, and more.

Unlock Your Research Design 

Multi-Mode Best Practices

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Reach New Heights at the Survox Summit

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IVR the New Phone?

New White Papers

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Survox and Industry News

Social Media Update

2015 Survox Summit Sponsors

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Survox & Industry News

This Friday, June 26

 Tech Tips Webinar: Implementing Innovative Surveys

2015 PAPOR Mini Conference
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Facebook | Menlo Park CA
also via Webinar

Our CEO will offer a recap of her AAPOR 2015 panel on Polling Accuracy

TCPA-Related News
What’s the Matter with Polling?

June 20 New York TimesEditorial

CASRO/MRA Urge FCC to Modernize
the TCPA Regulations for Calling Cell Phones

MRA ISC 2015 presentation
now available for download
“Phone – Insanity or Competitive Advantage?”

Mark Your Calendar for these Webinars
7/24: Data Integrity Best Practices
8/21: Markets & Quotas
9/18: Problem Recovery Strategies

Social Media Update

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CFMC Survox Presentation at PAPOR on Evaluating Polling Accuracy

Logo for PAPOR

If you’re attending the 2015 PAPOR Mini Conference at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, on Friday, June 26, don’t miss the session by Mary McDougall, CEO, CFMC Survox, where she will discuss Speed Learning from the AAPOR 2015 Evaluating Polling Accuracy Panel.

In her presentation, from 10:10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., she’ll provide an overview of the panel she moderated at the AAPOR event.

Her summary will include an overview of the following topics:

  • Evaluation of Mid-Term Election Polling in Georgia
  • Sources of Error in the 2014 Midterm Pre-Election Polls
  • What Happened in North Carolina? The 2014 Elections through the Lens of the High Point University Poll
  • Judging the Accuracy of Public Opinion Polls in Referendums
  • Measurements and Determinants of Polling Accuracy: Comparing Measures of Accuracy and Assessing Effects of Polling Practices
  • Evaluation of Methods for Polling Third-Party Candidates

More Resources on Political Polling:

New White Paper:

Got Phone? Insanity or Competitive Advantage?

mra_isc_logoNew Presentation & Other Resources Describe the Value of Integrating Phone, IVR, and Online Surveys 

Phone-based research plays a key role in reaching certain demographics. Even with the added costs of cell phone dialing, telephone-based research (CATI) can fit budgets with a multi-mode approach that integrates online, on-phone, and IVR data collection.  As technology barriers come down, phone actually becomes a more vital tool to reach your audiences.

Mary McDougall, CEO, CFMC Survox presented at MRA ISC in June 2015.  Her presentation is now available for download:

Got Phone? Insanity or Competitive Advantage?  (pdf)

More Resources on Multi-Mode and Phone-Based Research

Unlock Your Research Design, MRA’s Alert! article

Phone and IVR-based Data Collection White Paper (pdf)

Multi-Mode Data Collection White Paper (pdf) : Enhance the customer experience, expand your reach, and improve the quality of your insights by employing multi-mode techniques



Open Up Your Research Design with Multi-Mode

Choose the Data Collection Approach that Best Fits the Research

Download the complete white paper (pdf)

onemanyIdea in Action
Multi-mode technology barriers are coming down.

Researchers are now free to design data collection strategies that straddle modes, organizations, and vendors. New innovations have driven down the costs of leveraging a multi-mode approach, regardless of your in-house capabilities.  Now researchers can design their data collection strategies in a way that best fits the needs of the research.

Field operations can enable data collection processes that span organizations, technologies, vendors, and geographies.

Data Collection Modes

When architecting a research project, a researcher not only must design a survey and identify an audience, but he or she must also determine how best to go about collecting opinions and feedback from this group.  There are five main quantitative methods in use today:  In-person interview, phone interview, IVR interview, online questionnaire, and paper questionnaire mailed to the recipient.  This discussion will focus on PHONE, IVR and ONLINE data collection methodologies.

Want to know more about Phone and IVR? Check out our Phone-based Data Collection White Paper 

Survox Newsletter, #2

Survox News

Information about CFMC and Survox Solutions

May 5 Webinar

Make Your Web Surveys Look More Appealing with Survox Online

Survox® Online from CFMC and our multi-mode platform offer a vast range of capabilities available for developing innovative surveys.

More information

New Survox Online Demos Available Now!

Discover how Survox Online surveys are highly customizable and offer the opportunity to develop the most challenging and creative surveys to meet your study requirements.

Customer Success Spotlight
Venture Data and Survox IVR

Newest Survox IVR Solution Reduces Costs and Improves Call Center Operational Efficiency

Venture Data, based in Salt Lake City, is a survey research company that gathers the opinions of both consumers and voters. The company leverages IVR-only studies for opinion polling and has been very satisfied with the results.


“Our clients appreciated the significant cost savings of using IVR from CFMC and they were very happy with the results. With v.8.8, it is very easy to program an IVR study or convert a phone interviewing study into an IVR study,” said Frank Barney, Partner/IT Director, Venture Data.

“We recently conducted 400 interviews in two days on two studies that were exclusively done by IVR, saving our clients the labor costs associated with interviewers,” said Barney. “That equates to about 60 to 65 percent of the cost of the study.”

Barney also ran a comparative test using a study with live interviewers only and an IVR–only study. Although there were some minor differences, they were not significant. What was important was the savings in cost of the IVR-only study. The difference in cost far outweighed the advantages of using live interviewers for this particular project.

More information

Survox Summit, October 8-9, Philadelphia

CFMC Survox Users Return to the City of Brotherly Love October 8-9

Mark your calendars for this informative annual event for and by CFMC users!

Join CFMC, industry experts, and your peers for the Survox Summit in historic Philadelphia on October 8 – 9 at the Wyndham Hotel.

Attend this exciting event where you’ll learn how CFMC and Survox technology is helping users leverage multi-mode capabilities to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow their business
  • And much more!

Learn about the latest Survox innovations and how we continue to enhance our technology so that you can provide your customers with whatever they need to deliver timelyexceptional market research and opinion polling capabilities. Learn the latest programming tips, meet one-on-one with our experts, and network.

More Information on registration rates, venue and sponsorship information is available on the the Survox Summit Event Page.

Highlight Your Use and Support of CFMC Survox Software

Here are two great ways to participate in the 2015 Users Conference.

Survox Summit Call for Speakers – Due July 15, 2015

One of the most exciting opportunities at the Survox® Summit is to share best practices with your peers. We’re looking for presenters to discuss best practices and benefits related to how they are using CFMC Survox multi-mode solutions, services, or both. Share your tips on how to implement effective multi-mode surveys, engage more effectively on mobile devices, or leverage IVR data collection.

If you’d like to discuss any of these topics or propose another one, please submit your idea in this form. The sessions and panel discussions are typically 45 minutes each

Sponsorship Opportunities
Become a Sponsor – Increase Visibility with Users and Get Free Conference Registrations

Secure your spot today and start receiving promotional benefits from May 15 through October.

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to increase your company’s visibility with other users of CFMC Survox® technology.

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May 5 Webinar — Make your Surveys more Appealing with Survox Online

Venture Data User Success: Newest Survox IVR Solution Reduces Costs

New Survox Online Demos – Available Now

Survox Summit – CFMC Survox User Conference Update

Upcoming Industry Events

May 29 Technical Webinar

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Recent CFMC
Blog Posts


Going to AAPOR? Visit with CFMC Survox and Qualtrics


CFMC Survox and Qualtrics will be well represented at the AAPOR Annual Conference this week in Hollywood, Florida.

Be sure to stop by the Qualtrics exhibit at Booth 318 and learn more about the value of multi-mode data collection. Qualtrics and CFMC Survox are both Sponsors of AAPOR.

CFMC Survox is an Innovation Exchange Partner with Qualtrics for extending phone technology to the Qualtrics online platform. More details about the value of this partnership, including a white paper on effectively integrating phone, web and email surveys, are on our AAPOR event page .

We’d also like you to visit with CFMC Survox CEO Mary McDougall while you’re at the conference.  She will be moderating a panel on Evaluating Polling Accuracy. The session will be held on Saturday, May 16, from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the Diplomat Ballroom 3.

Mary McDougall

Mary McDougal

Here’s a preview of the panelists and their topics:

  • Evaluation of Mid-Term Election Polling in Georgia – Seth Brohinsky, Abt SRBI
  • Sources of Error in the 2014 Midterm Pre-Election Polls – Natalie Jackson, Huffington Post/
  • What Happened in North Carolina? The 2014 Elections Through the Lens of the High Point University Poll – Brian McDonald, High Point University
  • Judging the Accuracy of Public Opinion Polls in Referendums – Thomas Marshall, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Measurements and Determinants of Polling Accuracy: Comparing Measures of Accuracy and Assessing Effects of Polling Practices – Jacob Sohlberg, University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science
  • Evaluation of Methods for Polling Third-Party Candidates – Joseph Lenski, Edison Research

We look forward to seeing you at AAPOR.

Need Help Making Your Surveys Look More Appealing? Webinar May 5

web2015_image click

Attend Our May 5 Webinar:  Need Help Making Your Surveys Look More Appealing?

May 5, 9AM – 10AM Pacific

Join us for an exciting webinar on Tuesday, May 5, from 9:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. PT

Survox® Online from CFMC and our multi-mode platform offer a vast range of capabilities available for developing innovative surveys. Be sure to attend this webinar and learn about:

  • Our library of new online survey capabilities, featuring a variety of innovative and fully customizable visual question types.
  • Mobile survey design – What to consider when designing surveys likely to be taken on mobile devices.
  • Customer experience use cases that offer retail feedback, post-transaction Q&As, ad testing and more.
  • Subscriber benefit: The demonstration survey used in this session is available for your use and may be branded with your own logos, colors, and fonts.

Save the Date — 2015 CFMC Survox User Conference



Join Us in the City of Brotherly Love!

October 8-9, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
More information

Join us, industry experts, and your peers for the Survox Summit in historic Philadelphia on October 8 – 9 at the Wyndham Hotel.  Attend this exciting event where you’ll learn how CFMC and Survox technology is helping users leverage multi-mode capabilities to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow their business
  • And do much more!

Learn about the latest Survox innovations and how we continue to enhance our technology so that you can provide your customers with whatever they need to deliver timely, exceptional market research and opinion polling capabilities. Learn the latest programming tips, meet one-on-one with our experts, and network.

CFMC Users can look forward to more information about the conference agenda agenda, hotel registration, sponsorship opportunities, and a call for speakers.  Stay tuned to our Events page, LinkedIn Users Group and @Survox Twitter feed for more information.

Eat In | Dine Out. How do dining options relate to survey research?
c/o MRA
Read on

Want to know how that service call went? Did they enjoy their most recent visit to your store? Next time you invite feedback, give them a choice.

Here these concepts in person. Mary McDougall is a speaker at the upcoming MRA Insights & Strategies Conference

The following article was originally published in Read it below or click on the article on the right, Two Trumps One: Collect More Input and Deliver a Better Customer Experience.

What does a good customer experience mean to you? Perhaps tonight you want to enjoy a dinner from that sensational new chef at your neighborhood restaurant. After reviewing a variety of options on the menu, you pick out a delectable meal but then remember that you’re expecting a call soon and need to be home. No problem. This special treat is packaged up, brought home, and now you can enjoy it whenever you are ready. Let’s look at this experience and how it applies to multi-mode data collection.

Online data collection is very appealing to researchers because it’s economical. However, by using only one mode you may reduce the ability to fully capture the voice of the customer and maximize the customer experience. Not all customers prefer an online engagement and some may not even have access to the Internet. Or they may not have access at that moment, so you need an alternative in order to enable more immediate feedback. By providing them with more ways to interact, you can match their preferences, increase response rates and gain insight from a broader set of respondents.

Choice gives customers control over the engagement methodPhone Dialing Marketing Research Conference

Smartphones abound and they can easily handle either an online or phone-based interview. One of the more common ways to reach respondents and offer a better experience involves giving them a URL to an online survey for feedback and providing a phone number so that they can choose both the time and the method by which to respond.

Choice broadens reach

They may prefer to go online via their mobile device, tablet or PC … or they can call the 800 #.  You can choose to have live interviewers field the call or collect the feedback using an IVR survey. Phone extends the reach so that you can collect more input, particularly from certain demographics that are more difficult to fully reach online, such as seniors, low-income households, and rural residents.

Closing thoughts

Taking a multi-mode approach enables you to gain the insight you seek AND offer a superior customer experience.  We all like to be given a choice.

Technology barriers are coming down and researchers should once again consider the strategic value of phone research to reach seniors, minorities and other vital segments. Even with the high costs of cell phone dialing, phone-based research can fit budgets with a multi-mode approach.

Learn how you can reduce weighting, speed up results, meet budget and deliver better insights when Mary McDougall presents Phone Research: Insanity or Competitive Advantage? at the 2015 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference on Thursday, June 4, from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m.

Join CFMC at Upcoming MRA & AAPOR Conferences

If you’re thinking about going to the MRA Insights and Strategies Conference in San Diego, California, or the AAPOR Annual Conference, in Hollywood, Florida, be sure to attend our sessions and meet with Mary McDougall, CEO, CFMC.

AAPOR Annual Conference
May 14-17 | Hollywood, FL

When: May 16, 8:00AM
Where: AAPOR Annual Conference, Hollywood, FL

Mary will moderate a panel at the Annual Conference, which will discuss Evaluating Polling Accuracy. Join Mary and a group of esteemed panelists from research institutes,universities, media, and more for an in-depth discussion on election polling. Stay tuned to this blog for more details about this exciting panel.

MRA Insights and Strategy Conference, June 3-5, San Diego
MRA Insights and Strategies Conference
June 3-5 | San Diego, CA

When: June 4, 9:45AM
Where: MRA Insights and Strategies Conference, San Diego, CA

Mary will present a session on “Got Phone? Insanity or Competitive Advantage?” at the MRA Insights and Strategies Conference. Here’s a quick summary of her presentation:

Product lifecycles are shrinking, population is aging, and public opinion is increasingly demographic-sensitive.  What role does phone research play? This session will review how technology innovations — like multi-mode and IVR to convert returned cell phone calls into completes —  have helped researchers overcome these challenges


Best Practice: Match Survey Mode to Respondent Value


Here’s a common scenario with many research studies. You have limited resources and time and different categories of respondents. It may be more important to collect in-depth details from certain groups than others. What’s a researcher to do? Well, with a multi-mode approach, you can take one survey and deploy it across the different modes depending on how you rate the value of information provided by the various types of respondents. With this approach, one survey with one set of questions could be used for a specific audience type. The extended questions, using another mode, can be applied to reaching a subset of that group.

  • pyramid_12Mar2015_v3Here’s an example. An airline is conducting research on the quality of service surveys most of its respondents online. However, the airline may want to conduct more in-depth research with its frequent fliers. So, the same questionnaire can be expanded and the surveys done by phone.
  • Another example involves interviewing employees. The topic could be related to employee satisfaction, professional development, or employee reviews. You can build a questionnaire and then sample most of the staff with an online survey. In addition, you can use the same questionnaire to develop phone interviews for more extensive research with top managers and high-performance employees. For the “elite” group of respondents, like people with a “C” in front of their names (CEO, CXO, COO), consider doing research in person using a tablet and interviewer.


It’s the same survey, but this approach uses different modes to collect the data based on the respondent’s status.

Although you may use different modes to collect the data, you can still enjoy the benefits of having one data set for analysis – even with mixed vendor, multi-mode research….but that’s a topic for another time!

Introducing Dr. Survox

In our last blog, we introduced Dr. Survox, who is focused on providing researchers with insights about market research issues and technology. Dr. Survox joins us periodically to discuss best practices and impart wisdom.

Sometimes Dr. Survox uses humor to convey key concepts and at other times it’s all business. Today, the doctor is in a serious mood and will share insights on helping researchers decide which mode to use based on the respondent’s status.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with IVR

CFMC Webinar: Feb 27 – 9 – 10 a.m. PT

Grow Your Solution Set with the Latest CFMC Release

Register Now

Oh, the places you’ll go.
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Programming is simple
and the response rate is great.
When you use Survox® IVR
there’s no need to “weight.”
IVR-only surveys work well when questions are short.
And your sample with v8.8 is so easy to import.
Convert a phone study to IVR in no time at all.
And think about having IVR take over the call.

There are many other things
you can do with IVR.
Like screening, call transferring and nurturing
that will get you very far.
Budgets are tight but please don’t stress.
With IVR you can do so much more with less.
Your interviewers will thank you for this extra support.
Use IVR for sensitive questions and feedback
clients need for each report.

So, ask yourself, “Are you ready to use IVR?
Do you want to be your company’s next rock star?
Learn about it and much more at our webinar.
So register today and you will see
all the places IVR and v8.8 will take you.
And how profitable it can be.


Survox News Newsletter

Survox News

Information about CFMC and Survox Solutions

February 27 Webinar

Expand Your Solution Set with the Latest CFMC Release

Learn how v8.8 can help your organization improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the benefits across a mix of modes (phone, IVR, and online) – and now, across a mix of vendors. This release enhances the capabilities of our Survox® solution and Survent® survey management platform. Watch a demo and learn about some of the most compelling reasons to upgrade now!
More info

Customer Success Spotlight
Opinion America Talks Replicates

The Votes Are In — OpinionAmerica Group Delivers Highly Accurate, Early Insights to Clients with CFMC TechnologyJoe Calvanelli, Opinion America

Learn how OpinionAmerica, a marketing research organization with a key focus on opinion surveys, uses the Survent® platform and Survox® call center automation solutions to provide highly reliable insights and customizable capabilities to clients while meeting quota and enhancing interviewer productivity.

OpinionAmerica Group, LLC, based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, provides quality public opinion and survey interviewing.  One of many areas of expertise that the company focuses on is political polling, which requires being highly precise and representative while under enormous time pressures. OpinionAmerica relies heavily on Survent, the Survox Console, and Survox Dialer to help make that happen.

More info

User Perspective: McGuire Research

Fielding studies concurrently across IVR and “phone” interviewing lowers the cost of reaching respondents by phone. Today, some state and local governments can’t afford a large benchmark study with all phone interviews, nor can they conduct an IVR-only study and leave out cell phones. The ability to call landlines with IVR and cell phones with live interviewers opens up phone-based research to public policy researchers with smaller budgets.”

– Mike McGuire, President, McGuire Research

What’s in a Name?
CFMC introduces Survox

By now you have noticed that Navigator has a new name – Survox Console – and that some of the other product names have also changed. Here’s why.

We continue to enhance the look and feel of our survey management interface, previously known as Navigator, to make it even more user friendly for managing research projects. When you combine this look with our newly introduced Survox® phone survey innovations, it’s easy to see why this was right time to rename the product as the Survox® Console.

The Survox name, first introduced in 2014, emphasizes our commitment to survey management
and capturing the voice of the market. At that time we released the Survox® Dialer, with enhanced inbound/outbound call blending features augmented by IVR, as well as other new capabilities. We also created a new logo with a modern image to reflect that commitment. Recently, we re-branded WebSurvent as Survox® Online, and webCATI as Survox® Phone. Our IVR is now called Survox® IVR.

We’re excited about the many benefits that you’ll continue to leverage with the Survox Console, which is included with Survent® for CATI and Web installations, as well as the other Survox solutions.

Spec-Talk to be Retired
LinkedIn has it covered

At the close of February 2015, CFMC will be retiring the Spec-Talk group.  We encourage all CFMC users to bring their discussions to the LinkedIn Survox and Survent Users Group.

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What’s In A Name? CFMC Introduces Survox

Spec-Talk To Be Retired in February

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What’s So Special About Multi-Mode Data Collection?

Taking Innovations of SMART Research
Operations to the Next Level

Is Democracy Being Served?

Qualtrics and CFMC Team to Offer Best-of-Breed Call Center Technology With Powerful Online Survey Engine

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Friday, Feb 27 Webinar: New Opportunities with Phone Based Research

A Free CFMC Webinar

Friday, February 27 | 9 AM  to 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Learn how IVR can help lower phone based data collection budgets and how you can add phone surveying to existing online studies…without reprogramming the survey.

Release v8.8 has some exciting new capabilities that will help you grow your business, reduce costs, and scale. Learn how we’ve simplified programming. See our new interface in action. This webinar will save you time and help you to get the benefits of this release quickly! Sign up now.

Sign up now for our webinar on Friday, February 27, from 9 – 10 a.m. PT

Allen Porter and Lisa Mangone will provide details about how you can

  • Capture new business and reduce costs with IVR
    • Launch IVR projects to increase operational flexibility
    • Split phone surveying between live interviewers and IVR
    • Offer customers a choice of online or IVR input
  • Seek out Qualtrics studies that need phone to fill quota
  • Increase productivity with the intuitive Survox® Console (formerly known as Navigator)
  • Meet quota faster with inbound/outbound call blending
  • Install the release in just 30 minutes

Don’t miss out! Sign up now.

Customer Success Story: OpinionAmerica

The Votes Are In — OpinionAmerica Group Delivers Highly Accurate, Early Insights to Clients with CFMC Technology

Joe Calvinelli, Opinion America

Joe Calvanelli, OpinionAmerica

OpinionAmerica Group, LLC, based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, provides quality public opinion and survey interviewing.  One of many areas of expertise that the company focuses on is political polling, which requires being highly precise and representative while under enormous time pressures. OpinionAmerica relies heavily on Survent, the Survox Console, and Survox Dialer to help make that happen.

The Power of Replicates

Proper use of replicate sampling is particularly critical for providing a representative and statistically projectable snapshot of a demographic — and CFMC technology helps makes that possible. For example, a client of OpinionAmerica wanted to compare customer opinions and attitudes of 10 different models of a particular type of household appliance and used 10 mutually exclusive customer sample database universes, each with their own nuances. To complicate matters further, some of the models were more than 10 years old so the database universes for those “older” models were more challenging. It was more difficult to find respondents who still used those older models.


What’s So Special About Multi-Mode Data Collection?

In some ways, multi-mode data collection is like a good shopping experience. Why? Because multi-mode offers you more choices to get what you need. Think about it. Assume that a store has very limited hours in which to shop. When you finally work those hours into your schedule to buy shoes, imagine if the shoes were only available in one color (the wrong color), one size (not yours), and one style (not the one you wanted). You’d definitely need to make the purchase somewhere else because the selection was too limited and the store hours were inconvenient. You weren’t given the choices you prefer.

Choices matter
Here’s where multi-mode research fits in. People have opinions to share and they want a choice in how they communicate them. While some people prefer to respond online, others are only available by phone. And the people you reach by phone also have certain preferences. Some may enjoy interacting with live interviewers and others would feel more comfortable responding to an IVR interview.

So, when you want to expand your reach, think multi-mode.

Meet budget and project deadlines
With survey call center automation you can fill quotas faster. You may start online or use IVR to reduce costs and then move to phone to meet quota as the deadline draws near. Even with the greater costs of cell phone dialing, phone research can fit budgets by taking a multi-mode approach.

So, stop limiting research design by outdated notions of technical capabilities and costs. Set budgets, quotas, and timelines and then choose the right data collection strategy to meet your goals. Think strategically about data collection. Data collection strategies that embrace a multi-mode approach can enable researchers to field research any way they want.

Mary McDougall, CEO of CFMC, discusses “Seven Reasons to Use Multi-Mode Data Collection,” in an article on the Qualtrics blog. Qualtrics researchers can now partner with survey call centers to conduct phone and online surveys concurrently and store all the data in one place for analysis and reporting as part of the Survox™ and Qualtrics integration. Learn more about multi-mode from CFMC.

Taking Innovations of SMART Research Operations to the Next Level

Survox by CFMC

We’re very excited about our newest release of phone survey innovations, v8.8, that enhance the capabilities of our Survox™ solution and Survent® survey management platform. It builds upon the features we introduced earlier this year to enable highly flexible survey management operations to field studies across a mix of modes (IVR, phone, and online).

With our newest release, v8.8, multi-mode data collection is available for multi-mode, mixed vendor studies. The new release also introduces other enhancements, including the ability to expedite and simplify IVR projects. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about these innovations.

Bring Phone Research within Reach
As research spending tightens, we’re seeing progressive operations deploy a mix of modes to bring survey costs in line with project budgets.

“Fielding studies concurrently across IVR and phone interviewing lowers the cost of reaching respondents by phone. Today, some state and local governments can’t afford a large benchmark study with all phone interviews, nor can they conduct an IVR-only study and leave out cell phones. The ability to call landlines with IVR and cell phones with live interviewers opens up phone-based research to public policy researchers with smaller budgets.”

— Mike McGuire, President, McGuire Research

Launch New IVR Projects Faster
Programming for IVR survey creation has become much easier and more efficient. You can program IVR questions applying the same set of logic to a series of questions, instead of having to program the logic for each one individually. You can also easily and quickly modify the rules as needed.

“Our clients appreciated the significant cost savings of using IVR from CFMC and they were very happy with the results. With v8.8, it is very easy to program an IVR study or convert a CATI study into an IVR study.”

— Frank Barney, Partner/IT Director, Venture Data, LLC

Add Telephone Interviews to Online Surveys 
New with this release is the integration of the Survox™ survey call center automation solutions and the Qualtrics Research Suite to provide a flexible, multi-mode option for survey research. CFMC call center customers see the CFMC Survox v8.8 Qualtrics integration as a business development opportunity.

“This capability will definitely open the doors to new possibilities for sharing projects.  CFMC is enabling us to more easily take on phone work from Qualtrics customers.” 

— Brian Carson, Director, IT/Data Services, Maximum Research

Survey call centers use technology optimized for interviewer productivity. Now researchers can quickly add phone-based data collection to their mix without the need to recreate the survey in a different platform.  The CFMC integration with Qualtrics streamlines data flows without adding extra costs.

The release also simplifies installation and the process for importing sample.

Contact CFMC today for more information on this exciting release.

Is Democracy Being Served?

On December 12,we had the opportunity to discuss the economic and social impact of TCPA cell phone dialing rules at the PAPOR Annual Conference in San Francisco. Here’s a recap of what was covered.

Dialing cell phones from RDD or purchased lists is an expensive, time-consuming activity as a result of TCPA regulations put in place 23 years ago. The true cost of the additional labor required to comply with TCPA regulations has been masked. Researchers have felt only a fraction of the real costs because call centers are reluctant to pass along the full costs, choosing instead to charge only a 25-50% premium for data collection from cell phone respondents vs. respondents with landlines. The rest of the cost difference is buried in squeezed profit margins for call centers.

Even so, the reaction among researchers to this partial mark-up has been to cap cell phone sample to <30% of the study. And they’ve done this even though, as seen in the 2014 mid-term election polling, cell phones make up about 45% of the electorate records. As cell phone sample rises to over 50% of the target audience, something will have to give…will it be study costs or regulatory changes?

This presentation,CFMC at PAPOR 2014_IS DEMOCRACY BEING SERVED, provides more insight into the challenge facing the industry.

Cell Phones, TCPA, Democracy – What’s the deal? CFMC at PAPOR Conference, December 12

Mary McDougall, CEO of CFMC, will give a presentation at the PAPOR Conference in San Francisco on “Is Democracy Being Served? Innovations in Reaching Cell Phone Users in a TCPA-Driven Environment.”

Mary will discuss the impact and cost of compliance with TCPA regulations for reaching cell phone demographics.

Attendees will learn how operational processes must change, technology must enable new approaches, and how researchers must look for cost-effective alternatives to collect data that accurately reflects the opinions of a constituency. Mary will review how researchers are coping with these challenges and how phone survey innovations can help.

The session will be held at 2 p.m. You can find it in the agenda under Panel 5: Innovative Methods and Research.

More information about the 2014 PAPOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE

CFMC’s Dan Rangel Featured in AMA Spotlight

What do buying a Triumph motorcycle, freelancing as a photographer for the Chicago Tribune, and selling marketing research software and services have in common? They’re all things that Dan Rangel, who was featured in the Chicago AMA Member Spotlight, likes to do.

In this AMA Spotlight, Dan shares his career advice for marketing professionals and you will learn about his journey in the marketing research industry – from starting out doing data entry and coding through programming and beyond. He advises people that want to advance in marketing to stay visible online and to actively network.

“Today I am in sales at CFMC,” he said. “The reason I went to CFMC is that it gives me the opportunity to continue to work in research, but on  the software side.  I am learning a lot about what goes under the hood in terms of survey data collection tools and data processing software.”

Dan enjoys working on several projects for ad agencies. He said that CFMC does survey research and the online survey software can contain ad clips, support threshold tests, support concept ad heat maps, and offer other sophisticated methodologies such as conjoint studies. “I find ad research to be a lot of fun, especially pre- and post-ad surveys to find out what the consumer remembers from commercials and other media.”

 Read the article

Qualtrics and CFMC Team to Offer Best-of-Breed Call Center Technology With Powerful Online Survey Engine

PROVO, UT–(Marketwired – Nov 18, 2014) – Conducting multi-channel market research in today’s hyper-competitive markets is a must. Successful organizations understand this imperative and leverage research programs to gather critical insights that inform product development efforts, marketing campaigns, public opinion research, and customer experience programs. As technology advances and new channels emerge, it is essential that researchers identify the most appropriate channels for gathering data and work to combine multiple feedback mechanisms.

To address this need, Qualtrics and CFMC have partnered to provide researchers with the means to reach desired demographics. This partnership combines CFMC’s Survox™ survey call center automation solution with Qualtrics Research Suite to provide flexible, multi-mode options for survey research, allowing users to conduct online and on-phone surveys concurrently or consecutively.

“The CFMC Qualtrics collaboration combines capabilities that allow researchers to meet aggressive quota targets and survey complete rates,” said Jason Kagel, VP Development, CFMC. “Qualtrics Research Suite and Survox help businesses to manage and integrate data seamlessly from both online and phone surveys in a single insight platform. By leveraging this enhanced productivity and improved operational efficiency, organizations can save time, money and gather more of the relevant insights necessary to make data-driven decisions.”

Powerful Insights, Centralized Control
The Survox™/Qualtrics solution leverages the efficiencies of CFMC’s Survent® platform, Survox™ Dialer and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities to centralize sample management across modes. This provides operational control of interviewer productivity and quota completion.

With Qualtrics and CFMC, researchers can repurpose existing Qualtrics surveys as phone surveys. Both online and on-phone survey responses are stored in a centralized location for cross-mode evaluation. All analysis and reporting are conducted via the powerful capabilities built into Qualtrics Research Suite while sample data are stored, and call center operations are managed by CFMC’s Survox solution.

Augmenting online research with phone-based outreach provides a variety of advantages including reaching respondents by their preferred communication vehicle. Additionally, the phone offers an optimal vehicle to qualify respondents for in-depth interviews or web studies. Conversely, interview subjects can be qualified with an online survey and then contacted by phone for an in-depth interview or focus group.

Interviewer-led studies via phone afford the opportunity to probe responses, resulting in more clarity and meaningful early insights.

Key features and benefits of the Qualtrics and CFMC partnership include:

  • First-rate Flexibility: The Qualtrics user interface enables easy creation of both phone and online surveys, storing all responses in one location for multi-mode analysis.
  • Multi-mode Freedom: Begin surveys online first and add phone or gather online and on-phone data concurrently, enabling quick quota attainment.
  • Cost-effective Data Collection: With multi-mode data collection, researchers can benefit from the cost savings of online research and the demographic targeting of on-phone.
  • Automated IVR Features: IVR and inbound/outbound call blending empowers researchers to capture valuable returned calls and route them to the appropriate interviewer quickly. This functionality includes dual-stream recording for interviews, multi-language capabilities, live audio monitoring, audio playback for review, and automated outbound predictive dialing.
  • Multiple Deployment Options: CFMC’s Survox solution is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering or as a subscription license for hosting in client-owned data centers.

“For market researchers, gathering data does not have to be costly or time-consuming,” said Jeff Harvey, Director, Global Alliances & Partners, Qualtrics. “Qualtrics partnership with CFMC provides organizations with the flexibility to gather data using multiple communication vehicles. Historically, Qualtrics Research Suite has offered multi-channel data collection, but the addition of the phone channel increases both the speed and quality of the insights for our customers.”

To learn more, visit the Qualtrics Innovation Exchange.

Qualtrics on Social: Qualtrics BlogFacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram and Google+

About CFMC
CFMC provides survey data collection solutions and services for market research and opinion polling companies of all sizes, including one-third of the Honomichl Top 25. We focus on organizations that have precise quota requirements, time-sensitive data collection processes, or require complex survey designs. The Survent® survey management platform and the Survox™ call center automation solutions enable sample management, survey programming and execution, operational reporting, and client data preparation across a mix of data collection modes — phone, web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) mobile, and heterogeneous vendor solutions. More details are available at

About Qualtrics
Qualtrics is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the provider of the world’s leading insight platform. 6,600 enterprises worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 business schools rely on Qualtrics technology. Our solutions make it fast and easy to capture customer, employee, and market insights in one place. These insights help our clients make informed, data-driven business decisions. Global enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies use Qualtrics to collect, analyze, and act on voice of the customer, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, 360-degree reviews, brand, market, product concept, and employee feedback. To learn more, and for a free account, please visit



Christine Randle

Visit to learn more about the solution. For more info, visit

Nov 3 – Nov 14 Mary McDougall Hosts Women in Research Forum

Mary McDougall
Beginning Monday, November 3, Mary McDougall, CEO of CFMC, will host the Office Hours Forum, sponsored by Women in Research.

Join the discussion by joining Mary on the Women in Research website. Here are a few of the hot topics to get you started:

  • Staff vs. line positions – Why it’s important to take on P&L responsibility
  • Building your internal and external network – The importance of bringing thought leadership INTO your employer
  • Sweating the hard stuff – Raising your hand to take on more
  • Leaning in (a la MSNBC, not necessarily the book)

Got a compelling question about research, issues, and trends? Ask Mary via the Office Hours Forum.

Six Market Research Horror Scenarios to Avoid

CFMC Customer Success

Halloween is approaching. It’s a time to buy candy, watch a scary movie, and get dressed up as your favorite action hero. But while you’re thinking about sorting through your kids’ candy to pull out some of your favorite treats, have you ever considered what could be happening in your survey call center that could give you nightmares? Here are six scenarios that might make you shiver with fear. But don’t worry. We’ll tell you how to solve them.

  1. The Frightful Natural Disaster

It’s a dark and scary night when phone lines are down, especially when a hurricane hits. During disasters, each time your dialer makes a call trying to reach a survey participant, it could get a fast busy signal. You don’t want the dialer to keep calling and having it put an unnecessary load on the emergency system, especially since the calls won’t even go through. Oh, the horror! There’s nothing to fear, though, as long as your sample management platform has the ability to automatically tell the system to temporarily stop dialing numbers in the affected areas and it should also be smart enough to “flip the switch” when the numbers can be called again.

  1. End of Study Nightmare

It’s near the end of a study and just a few quota groups are left out of the hundreds that were there at the beginning. You don’t want to waste time and money dialing numbers in quota groups that have already been filled. Your sample management platform should know exactly which numbers to dial so your interviewers don’t waste time calling unneeded sample — a frightfully expensive scenario. This problem can be solved by matching the quota groups that are left to only the number of interviewers needed to handle these calls.

  1. Night of the Slow-Walking Web

The deadline is mounting and you haven’t reached your desired demographic with your online study. You still need to reach an older population. The clock is ticking. It’s time to be more flexible, go multi-mode, and bring in the real super hero [secret weapon?]…Phone. Your software should be able to combine online and on-phone research and if this solution is integrated with IVR – so much the better!

  1. Trick or Treat? The Saga of Unanswered Returned Calls.

Too many inbound calls are hitting your call center. The calls are not getting answered fast enough and respondents are becoming frustrated and hanging up. You’ve worked diligently reach the right demographics, and those people calling back from cell phones represent a precious opportunity to complete the study early. Although it’s not really a trick, you can make sure you don’t miss those calls by integrating inbound/outbound call blending into your operations. They’ll be answered and routed to next appropriate available interviewer immediately, too. That’s the treat – capturing those valuable calls from cell phone dialers and getting much closer to quota completion.

  1. Data Disappears Into the Night

It’s late. It’s cold. The trick-or-treaters have gone home. You’re headed back to your desk to catch up on some work, only to discover all the data collected over the last three days has disappeared leaving only a ghostly apparition behind. Your survey management platform should have the ability to quickly recover the lost data so you can still meet your client’s deadline before the sun comes up.

  1. Tackling the Monster Project

You’ve seen the big monster projects. They are the types of projects that your staff just doesn’t have the time, resources, or skillset to tackle. It could include surveys with too many processes and rules around how the sample and the data must flow. To compound the challenge, your client may feed you sample records daily. You need to manage this data and perform various import routines with the data and contact information for those respondents. Or, maybe you have to develop a conjoint study and need help getting started. There’s nothing to fear. It’s time to call in services to do the programming, design work, and more. They will help you tame the monster.


Being prepared on Halloween can mean many things to people. For researchers, it can involve avoiding these six nightmare scenarios. Your solutions should be able to meet your market research and opinion polling needs — no matter how complex. Your operations should be highly flexible so you can respond to whatever trick or treat comes your way. And when you need assistance, Client Services can help you take control of any monster project or other daunting scenario that you encounter.


We can help you avoid these six nightmares and other research challenges that could keep you awake at night. For more information, visit and learn about the Survent® platform, Survox™ Dialer, and CFMC Client Services.

Five Ways to Improve Your Surveys – A Free Assessment

Would you like to streamline your tracker or improve surveys with dynamic media? Are you interested in enhancing your respondent’s survey experience and increase response rates? Want to make the most of a multi-mode survey and ensure that your surveys are mobile-ready?

Now’s your opportunity to get a free assessment from a CFMC Services expert on best practices. Each member of our team has extensive experience in programming and managing projects for leading research providers.

Contact us by completing the Free Survey Assessment Request Form by December 1, 2014, for this free offer and let us know which of the following areas you’d like us to assess.

Assessments Available:

  • Enhance Mobile Readiness
  • Streamline Your Tracker
  • Improve Ad Surveys with Dynamic Media Ads
  • Improve Your Qualitative CLT Experience
  • Create a True Multi-Mode Solution

Don’t delay. Contact CFMC today!





The Economics of Cell Phone Dialing

MRA’s Alert! Magazine recently published an article by Mary McDougall, CEO, CFMC, entitled Compliance and the True Cost of Cellphone Dialing (pdf). TCPA compliance affects every researcher because cell phone usage is increasing dramatically, with more than 40 percent of households now cell phone only. Moreover, certain demographics can only be reached via cell phones.

TCPA and You

The growth in cell phone usage, particularly among youth and non-white segments, means that TCPA compliance makes the  cost of reaching these important segments disproportionately higher. That’s because TCPA prohibits automated dialing of cell phone numbers (except in emergencies) without the consumer’s prior consent, known as express consent.  So, if you don’t have permission to dial a cell phone you will likely choose labor-intensive dialing methods that severely affect call center productivity.

Is Democracy Being Served?

The article poses the question, “Is democracy being served if certain demographics find it difficult to have their voices heard because public policy researchers and politicians can’t afford to reach them?” If you cannot use automation to help meet quota, what will you have to do to ensure that surveys accurately represent voter demographics? Read the article (pdf) to learn more about the tools and techniques phone survey research must use.

Industry research indicates that callers from cell phones are 10 times more likely to return calls than callers from land lines. To learn how CFMC is using inbound/outbound call blending to help ensure that you don’t miss those valuable returned calls from cell phones, visit the Survox Dialing page on

Ever Mix Qual and Quant in One Session? Learn how

headertitleline600Are you or your client introducing a new product? Want to get holistic feedback about a product — such as how it smells, looks, tastes, is branded, and priced? Now, imagine if you could conduct just one survey session that combines qualitative and quantitative data collection with the same people. That’s right. We can help you to develop advanced studies with multiple methodologies.Learn how this approach has enabled CFMC and Dedicated Research Services, LLC, to help a client decrease study development costs by nearly 40 percent and timing by one month by combining the three studies into one.

This white paper describes how to:

  • Combine quantitative methods —such as central location testing, online surveys, price sensitivity exercises (e.g. Van Westendorp), and ad testing —with qualitative methods, including focus groups and in-person interviews.
  • Conduct these studies in just one session with the same group of people to improve research qualitycomplete studies fasterand reduce costs.

Get the details in this best practices white paper: The Advantages of Developing Advanced Studies Using Multiple Methodologies.

Contact Dan Rangel,, for more information about how CFMC Services can help.


Request this White Paper

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Confessions of a Stressed-Out Predictive Dialer

If predictive dialers could express their true feelings (instead of letting IVR do all of the talking for them), they’d probably want to discuss their demanding role and the unrelenting need to meet high expectations 24×7. So, for the next few minutes, let’s go inside the mind of Sam, a predictive dialer, who wants to share some of his deepest concerns and how you can help. Here’s what he might tell you:

It’s so stressful being the only predictive dialer in charge of more than 100 interviewer seats. My workload continues to grow and I am asked to find new ways to be more efficient just to keep up. Those TCPA guidelines for cell phones certainly make my head spin. And all I hear from my supervisor, day in and day out, is “We gotta’ meet quota. Hurry up!”

I know that my boss made a major investment when the company purchased me but I’m a little worried that they might get rid of me now that I’m fully written off. They’re used to me, but I struggle keeping up with today’s demands that require more efficient technology. I really need some help, especially at my age. I don’t want to retire yet — just get me some help.

Survox to the Rescue
That’s why I’m pleading with you to have the Survox™ Dialer join our team. Have you heard about her? She’s one busy and very capable dialer. She can even handle up to 400 interviewer seats. On-premise or off, her service scales up and down with ease without any big fees.

Survox sure stands out in a crowd, with alluring features like inbound/outbound call blending to make sure we don’t miss those highly valued callbacks from cell phones. And when it comes to IVR
– well, she does it all. She uses IVR to screen and field calls and conduct surveys. I’ve heard that the interviewers really like her because now they spend more time with respondents and less time waiting to be connected. She can even identify inbound callers and forward the respondent’s information to the interviewers. I wish I could do that.

Did I also tell you that she comes from a great family, who all pitch in to help? That’s right. When you use Survox you can enjoy the multi-mode sample management capabilities of the Survent® survey management platform. Uh huh….She gets her smarts from Survent which make her quota savvy so you don’t have to make calls that you don’t need.

Staying Competitive
Regulations haven’t killed us yet…we just need to work harder and smarter to stay competitive AND compliant. Make all of us happy and have Survox join us. I could really use the help. And some company.


More information about the Survox dialer from CFMC

MRA Webinar 20Aug2014: CFMC on Cell Phone Callbacks & Mixed-Mode Studies

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 1PM ET| Register Now

Join CFMC for a webinar on Designing Field Operations to Handle Growth in Cell Phone Call Backs & Mixed-Mode Studies

Session Highlights:

The one-hour course, which is free to all MRA members and $65 for non-members, will discuss how to complete studies faster and achieve higher response rates with inbound call conversions. Danny Wong, CFMC CTO, and Allen Porter, CFMC Director of Client Services, will explain how solutions that blend inbound call handling with outbound dialing, leveraging Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, allow you to:

  • Handle callbacks from cell phones immediately and graciously – ensuring a positive, well-managed respondent experience and allowing you to harvest those valuable callbacks for completes.
  • Create a seamless respondent experience by connecting the respondent to the appropriate agent
  • Reduce costs by managing resources more efficiently

They’ll also discuss how IVR technologies can be used to screen calls, set a call-back time, and conduct interviews. Learn how you can leverage these technologies to reduce the labor costs for fielding and interviewing and do so much more.


The webinar, an education program by the Marketing Research Association (MRA), provides 1 contact hour of PRC credit in Marketing Research.


Register Now


Danny Wong

Danny Wong

Danny Wong, CTO for CFMC, works with partners and customers to define the next generation of tools for market research and opinion polling. He joined CFMC over 30 years agoand was responsible for developing Survent™ and other innovations. Survent, a data collection and sample management system, enables leading research organizations to identify, target, and define research subjects with granularity and precision. One-third of the Top 25 Honomichl companies are benefiting from this technology. In recent years, he served as the company’s CFO and President & CEO. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.


Allen Porter

Allen Porter

Allen Porter, Director of Client Services for CFMC, is the general manager of the best
practice consulting organization. Prior to joining CFMC in 2012, he was the Director of Research Technology for Maritz Research and was responsible for all web and CATI data collection developers and systems. Porter has worked in the research industry since 1992, with experience in programming surveys, design, automation, project management, training, systems (hardware and software), general management and leadership. He holds a master of public administration degree with an emphasis in political communications and management from Missouri State University, where he also received a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Read more about  the Survox Dialer, which provides inbound/outbound call blending and IVR capabilities.

CFMC Technology Leveraged in Cancer Epidemiology Study

ADuke University is conducting a study with eight other research institutions across the country to learn more about the cause and prognosis of ovarian cancer in African American women. This research, the African American Cancer Epidemiology Study (AACES), involves conducting telephone interviews with 2,000 African American women in 10 geographic regions. The interviewers use computer-aided telephone integration (CATI) technology from CFMC and enter responses in CFMC’s Survent survey platform.


Read this case study to learn more:

CFMC Technology Leveraged in Cancer Epidemiology Study (pdf)

CFMC Introduces Phone Survey Innovations for Smart Call Center Operations

For Immediate Release

CFMC Introduces Phone Survey Innovations for Smart Call Center Operations

062314 V2 Revised Call Blending Graphic

Call Blending with Survox Dialer and Survent

Multimode Suite Boosts Cell Phone Handling and Adds Inbound/Outbound Call Blending

San Francisco, California – June 25, 2014 – CFMC, which provides survey data collection solutions and services for market research and opinion polling companies, announces release 8.7.1 of the Survox™ Dialer and Survent™ multi-mode survey management platform. “This release includes automation features that can raise quota complete rates, improve call center productivity, and offer enhanced operational flexibility,” said Danny Wong, CTO, CFMC.

Integrated IVR Workflow Increases Call Center Productivity
The inbound and outbound call blending capability enables callbacks from respondents to be answered immediately. New v8.7.1 workflow automation that blends inbound calls with outbound calls eliminates the need for dedicated staff to field inbound calls. The software also handles respondent identification, call transfers, and manages “wait time” to trigger actions that maximize caller retention.

With this release, call centers can augment functions performed by phone interviewers by using interactive voice response (IVR) to screen, schedule, or conduct an interview. “We are looking forward to the new call blending and workflow capabilities in this release,” said Jamie W. Jurgaitis, Vice President and General Manager of Opinion America Group. “These capabilities will make it easier to more efficiently capture and quickly respond to people returning calls, particularly from cell phones,” he said. “Getting more call connections enables higher conversions and faster quota attainment.”

Greater Cell Phone Dialing Control Advances Compliance
This release, which is offered on a subscription license basis or as a hosted service, provides more operational control for call center managers with enhanced cell phone handling and “Do Not Call” (DNC) list management. These capabilities allow users to keep cell phone and landline numbers in the same file while enabling the dialer to act differently, depending on whether the call is to a cell phone or landline. Dialers can then be set up to do power manual dialing to reach cell phone contacts. Users also have the ability to update DNC files and select which DNC files to use for a given project.

Multi-Mode Survey Design Offers Greater Flexibility
CFMC’s multi-mode suite gives research operations the flexibility to optimize the data collection strategy for each study. Surveys can now be designed to allow respondents to choose the mode for responding. The respondent may take the survey by selecting on-device, online, IVR, or onphone.

A survey can also be designed to span more than one mode. Screening questions can be conducted by IVR before the call is transferred to an interviewer. In addition, respondents can be transferred from interviewer to IVR to capture sensitive information or to quickly gather post-survey feedback.

Call Blending and the v8.7.1 Platform
Call blending is available with Survent v8.7.1 and the Survox Dialer v.8.7.1. The CFMC survey management platform supports several other dialers but the feature set described here applies only to CFMC’s Survox Dialer v8.7.1.

About CFMC – When Quota Matters
CFMC provides survey data collection solutions and services for market research and opinion polling companies of all sizes, including one-third of the Honomichl Top 25. We focus on organizations that have precise quota requirements, time-sensitive data collection processes, or require complex survey designs.

The Survent platform enables sample management, survey programming and execution, operational reporting, and client data preparation across a mix of data collection modes — paper, phone, web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) mobile, and heterogeneous vendor solutions. More details are available at


Read more about the Survox Dialer

Media Contact
Brian Fowler
Direct: 415-369-3062
547 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Survox and Survent are trademarks of CfMC. ©2014 CfMC

Additional Resources:

Press Release: CFMC Introduces Phone Survey Innovations for Smart Call Center Operations (pdf)

Video: The Call Blending 2-Minute Explainer

Survent – The Survey Management Platform

Data Sheet:  Survey Innovations for Smart Call Center Operations (pdf)

Data Sheet:  CFMC Survox Dialer Data Sheet (pdf)

Customer SuccessOnline Dialer Services Accelerate Technology Adoption – CFMC Key Research Solutions Success (pdf)

White Paper: Accelerate Quota Completes and Improve Productivity with Call Blending and IVR Phone Survey Innovations (pdf)

Baseball and the Art of Multimode Sampling

In some ways, multimode sampling is like baseball – without all the popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs. Here’s why.

Let’s assume it’s late in the game, the team is behind in runs and the pressure is on to score. In this scenario, if the team can’t get enough runs by the end of the last inning, they lose the game.

The coach knows that the best chance to win involves getting more players on base.  As the pressure mounts, he brings in his best pinch-hitters and pinch runners – the ones he can count on to get a hit, advance base runners and bring home runs. This strategy is the best chance the team has to catch up and win the game.

What does this have to do with multi-mode sampling? As a researcher, you need to get a certain number of quota completes before the study ends, or you lose. Right? It’s a race against time.

So, what’s slowing you down? Budget. That’s okay. You can still win. How? You start by doing data collection online to control costs.

As the deadline approaches to collect data and provide a report, you’ve got to bring in your best pinch hitters, AKA on-phone surveys. Moving to on-phone is essential for meeting your survey deadline and getting enough completes

Want to learn more about this approach and how to “win” within your timeframe and budget? Danny Wong, CTO of CFMC, explains the process in this white paper, “The Benefits of Multimode Sampling – Moving from Online to On-Phone.”(pdf)

Related page: CFMC Resources


I recently attended AAPOR’s annual conference held in Anaheim, California, and got a T-shirt with the message, “The weighting is the hardest part.” Then I thought, it’s not just the weighting that’s challenging. It’s the waiting, too. Let me explain…


One weights if one cannot meet quota in time to complete the study. That approach takes effort to determine the weighting factors and this process can introduce errors in reported results. So why weight when you don’t have to wait? You can address the challenge of quickly obtaining completes with sophisticated call center automation that reduces waiting – that’s interviewers waiting for connections and respondent callbacks waiting for an interviewer. So, to paraphrase a quote from William Shakespeare, “To weight or not to wait – that is the question.”  I think the answer is, “Why weight when you can instead deliver?” (Watch this space soon for more details about v. 8.7.1).


Getting Back to AAPOR Opinion Research and Public Policy

Here are some interesting takeaways from the AAPOR conference:

  • The speakers reiterated that the cost of phone interviewing is justified by the quality of data and the opportunity for interviewers to convert a respondent to complete the survey.
  • Cell phones are now between 40-60% of sample.
  • Adding location information, such as zip code, billing address or telco region helps determine where the mobile contact is, so it’s best to add that information when possible when you are doing RDD to cell numbers. This extra step lowers the survey cost of reaching the desired address-based sample.
  • Multimode is attractive because IVR and online modes are useful for capturing more truthful answers to sensitive questions such as health, voting preferences, religious attendance, etc.
  • Transparency Initiative certification will open sometime between July 1 and September 1.

I moderated a panel on measuring the quality of data, where most topics explored using proxies (persons close to the target) to get more information. The conclusion seemed to be that the use of proxies is not recommended since proxy answers and target answers often differed significantly.


New this year was a well-attended Research Hack-a-thon that gave development teams two days to create research apps built on the Instagram platform and culminated in a pitch competition in front of a panel of judges.

Lastly, the AAPOR community was all a buzz about the mid-term elections and the re-affirmation of the importance of opinion research – now more so than ever.


Mary McDougall, CEO, CfMC.

Industry Update: See CfMC presentations at AAPOR, CASRO, and PAPOR Conferences in May and June

Mary McDougall, CfMC CEO

Mary McDougall, CfMC CEO

Mary McDougall, CEO, CfMC, will be speaking at a variety of upcoming industry conferences beginning this week. If you are attending any of them, here’s where you can find us and meet with Mary.

  1.  AAPOR’s 69th Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, May 15-18. You’ll hear about the Transparency Initiative (expect more on this topic from us soon). Be sure to see Mary McDougall, who will moderate a panel of experts  to discuss “Evaluating and Improving Quality of Measurement” on Friday, May 16th at 4:15 p.m.
  2. Mary will also provide a summary of that session at the PAPOR Mini Conference in San Francisco on June 13. Among the topics to be discussed is the AAPOR Transparency Initiative. The mini-conference will be held at the Public Policy Institute of California.
  3. If you are attending the CASRO Innovation & Technology Event in Chicago, check out Mary’s presentation on May 28 at 4 p.m.  She will join a group of panelists for an exciting session on “Market Research in 2020.” This panel will look at how technology will evolve during the next six years to enhance the experience of respondents, accelerate the process of data collection and analysis, and provide more accurate, meaningful results that offer researchers early insights for decision making. Speakers include:
    • Gloria Park Bartolone, SVP, Global Fieldwork Operations, Maritz Research Inc.
    • Patrick Comer, CEO, Federated Sample
    • Mary McDougall, CEO, CfMC
    • Peter Milla, Principal, Peter Milla Consulting (Moderator)

For more information on these activities, visit our Events Page . To set up a meeting with Mary at these events, send her an email at:

Las Vegas + CfMC Users = A Winning Combination

uc14logoI would like to thank everyone who participated in making the recent CfMC Users Conference a huge success.  It was great having the opportunity to talk with not only the old familiar users, but also meeting many new ones as well.  It was very encouraging for us to see how enthusiastic the attendees were about exploring new technologies and how open they were to using innovative ways to leverage the Survent platform.  And we were delighted that almost everyone stayed to attend all the general sessions through Friday afternoon — even though we were in Las Vegas!

We covered a wide range of topics focused on “When Quota Matters,” along with best practice guidelines, tips, product strategic direction, and technology trends. Howard Fienberg’s compelling session informed attendees as to why many of the laws surrounding cell phone use are outdated.  He also provided insights into what might be ahead in terms of any changes to legal regulations concerning market research.

Danny Wong’s call blending workshops provided a great opportunity to interact with CfMC and to learn more about this exciting innovation to help call centers improve operational efficiency and achieve more rapid quota attainment.

I’d like to recognize the users for their outstanding contributions and participation. There was a lot of interest in the speed learning sessions and best practice panels comprised almost entirely of users.  A very special thank you goes to Brian Carson of MAXimum Research for not only chairing the User Conference Committee, but also personally participating in two of the panels. Users provided great suggestions for the Squeaky Wheel session on ideas to help make CfMC software even more useful to them. We introduced special interest groups for the first time, where people interested in specific topics met over lunch to exchange ideas. Topics included security, 3rd party integrations, the AAPOR Transparency Initiative, along with several others.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors for their support – Rosetta Studio International, Scientific Telephone Samples, True Sample, First Digital, Ascribe, Key Research, SSRS, and Precision Sample.

Attendees have already been sent a post-conference survey, which will provide us with the feedback to enhance our next user event in 2015.

The odds were in our favor that Las Vegas + CfMC Users would create an excellent opportunity for a successful conference and we appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate “Why Quota Matters.”

Jim Ratto
Software Support Manager, CfMC

Customer Success: How the Hosted CfMC Predictive Dialer Gave “Birth” to Key Research Solutions

Online Dialer Services Accelerate Technology Adoption


Ed Ledek

Ed Ledek, Key Research Solutions


Key Research Solutions uses CfMC’s hosted predictive dialer, which enabled the company’s owner to launch a new business without having to make a major capital investment. This technology and delivery model, along with CfMC’s hosted CATI solutions powered by the Survent™ survey management platform, has given Key Research Solutions the flexibility to scale when needed and the operational control required to meet their clients’ quota demands.

“I wouldn’t have a business without the capabilities that CfMC offers.” – Ed Ledek, owner, Key Research Solutions

How the Hosted CfMC Predictive Dialer Gave “Birth” to Key Research Solutions

In 2011 Ed Ledek launched Key Research Solutions, a business that provides research services to companies of all sizes. The company uses phone, web, integrated voice response (IVR), and other data collection tools and provides these services for domestic and international projects.

Ledek chose the hosted CfMC solution because it offered a platform to support phone interviewing and the flexibility to scale without having to invest in capital equipment. “I think of this technology and the hosted services as the full-meal-deal for telephone research. These resources are not only cost-effective but they also help me to meet quota requirements quickly and efficiently.”

Intuitive Management Tool, Scalability, and Great Support

His employees were trained by CfMC in how to use CfMC Navigator interface to the Survent survey management platform and are now programming their own surveys in-house. The team includes people who do multiple jobs such as interviewing, quality control, HR functions, and other tasks. They were also able to easily learn how to do web survey programming to support online or multi-modal survey deployment.

“The hosted CfMC Predictive Dialer gave my business the ability to scale depending on business requirements — whether we needed 50 phones or 200,” he said. The hosting contract allows Ledek to scale up immediately, which is very important in a call center environment. It allows his company to be nimble and save money. “Right now I have computers, chairs, and desks in storage waiting for me to open my next shop. And I don’t have to worry about my platform because it’s already set up with CfMC technology.”

Key Benefits

  • Interviewing capabilities out of the box
  • Flexibility to scale cost effectively
  • Seamless integration of CfMC technology to help the company meet quota requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Intuitive CfMC Navigator interface
  • Helps to prevent having to make unnecessary live calls and doing unnecessary live screening
  • The platform includes built-in robust reporting tools to track sample performance and agent performance, both on the macroscopic and microscopic levels

Read More about Key Research and CfMC (pdf)

About Key Research Solutions

Key Research Solutions supports the marketing research, public affairs, and public opinion research communities. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, the company offers a full range of research solutions for domestic and international programs and projects and has 150 stations and two locations. For more information, visit Key Research.


Q: Why Join Us in Vegas?

Brian Carson, MAXimum Research

We interviewed Brian Carson, Director, IT/DP at MAXimum Research, to get more details on what you’ll learn from the user panel discussions at the CfMC conference in April. Brian has attended the conference each year since 2001.

“I keep coming back because I learn about the products and trends in market research to help improve my operations. I get to put some faces with the names of people who have helped me with various projects. It also gives me a chance to build relationships and increase my company’s visibility.”

Brian, who manages programmers, servers, and close to 200 workstations for MAXimum Research, also mentioned that the conference was a very affordable way to learn programming tips.

“Each year I bring back some ideas and share them with project directors and other members of my team to help us become much more productive.”

USER PANELS– Mobile, Cell Phone Handling, Compliance, and More

He discussed some of the sessions that are being led by CfMC Users. One user session will explore surveys and the impact of mobile devices. You’ll hear users share how to overcome some of the challenges related to mobile surveys. For example, it will address technical issues that can help deal with taking a survey on a small screen while keeping the respondent engaged.

Brian is also fielding a user panel that will discuss some laws related to compliance such as “Do not call” management processes.

“I’ve implemented an internal company ‘Do Not Call List’ and will discuss procedures for scripting to ensure compliance.

Other users in the panel will discuss Opt In & Opt Out processes for emails and address how they meet compliance requirements for cell phone handling.”


Back by popular demand… 5 minutes of pithy wisdom from the best in the business – YOUR PEERS.

“CfMC is offering so many valuable sessions. I look forward to seeing you there,” Brian said.

For more information, visit 2014 CfMC Users Conference.


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Bronze Sponsors

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Join us in Las Vegas: Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Users Conference

Reminder: Make hotel reservations by March 22 to secure your discount at Bally’s in Las Vegas (subject to availability).
Book your room now

Reason to Go Session
Maximize uptime and system performance with practical advice on system monitoring, maintenance, notification and self-correction. Survent Lifecycle Management
Manage online surveys better with tips on handling mobile and device-specific challenges. Understand question design implications and programmatic techniques. OnLine, OnDevice Surveys
prcLearn from users who share their experience with mobile surveys and discuss design philosophy and lessons learned. Users Panel — Engagement on Mobile Devices.
prcLearn best practices in setting up advanced programs along with management techniques to make complex studies easier. Advanced Programming Hints and Tips
Learn best practices for quota management to deliver quality outcomes in record time. Sample and Quota Management for Optimized Operations
Hear practical advice on automating open-end coding, data management, reporting, time management, and more. Speed Learning Time Savers
prcLearn more about inbound and outbound call blending Inbound and Outbound Call Blending Lab
prcHear from an expert on market research legal issues. Holding Back the Legal/Regulatory Deluge, TCPA, and Other Compliance Concerns by Howard Fienberg, MRA Director of Government Affairs
Get up-to-date on other best practices, trends, and innovations for quantitative research All Sessions
It’s in Las Vegas.

For more information, visit 2014 CfMC Users Conference

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Registration powered by RegOnline

User Conference Sessions Approved for Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) Credits

Did you know that you can receive PRC credit when you attend the CfMC Users Conference? That’s right. Four sessions have been approved by the PRC Department, giving you four more reasons to attend.

Note that to renew your PRC you must acquire a total of 20 industry-related education hours, two must be in legal, prior to your re-certification date. This is a great opportunity to get one of those required legal hours.

Visit the PRC certification page for the Marketing Research Association for more information on this program.

PRC approved sessions include:

  • Program/Session: Holding Back the Legal/Regulatory Deluge, TCPA and Other Compliance Concerns
    PRC Category: Legal 
    Research Contact Hours: 1
  • Program/Session: Workshop: Blending Inbound and Outbound Calls
    PRC Category:  Research
    Research Contact Hours: 2
  • Program/Session: HINTS & TIPS: Sample Management
    PRC Category:  Research
    Research Contact Hours:3
  • Program/Session: HINTS & TIPS: Advanced Programming
    PRC Category:  Research
    Research Contact Hours: 2

We hope you will join us for the User Conference in Las Vegas on April 24 & 25. Visit the links below to learn more about the other exciting new sessions and training opportunities available.

Register to attend   | Conference Agenda  | Hotel Reservations  | Sponsor the Conference

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Sign Up Now | Early-Bird Registration Ends Friday 28Feb2014

Be sure to visit this blog frequently for updates on the conference. We’ve recently added some new sessions and training that you won’t want to miss! If you are planning to attend, we encourage you to register by February 28, 2014, so that you can take advantage of Early-Bird discounts.

Individuals who sign up by February 28 receive the discounted rate of $299. The single price increases to $350 after that date. We also offer special rates for team registrations:

  • Two people: $250/person ($299 after Feb. 28)
  • Three or more: $225/person ($250 after Feb. 28)

Visit the links below to learn more about the exciting new sessions and training opportunities available.

Register to attend   | Conference Agenda  | Hotel Reservations  | Sponsor the Conference

Registration powered by RegOnline

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Download the 2014 Sponsorship prospectus (pdf)

Does Legal Compliance Matter?

Holding Back the Legal/Regulatory Deluge: MRA Dir. of Gov Affairs to Speak at CfMC Users Conference

Here’s another great reason to attend the CfMC Users Conference in April. Howard Fienberg, the Director of Government Affairs for the Marketing Research Association (MRA), will discuss many of the top legal issues that impact public opinion and marketing research companies.


Howard Fienberg, Director of Government Affairs for MRA

Bone up before you have to call your lawyer!

Fienberg’s presentation, Holding Back the Legal/Regulatory Deluge: TCPA and Other Compliance Concerns, gives you the opportunity to learn important information to keep you out of trouble! Fienberg will cover legal compliance for telephone-specific research, especially the federal TCPA restrictions on auto dialers, as well as an overview of other top legal concerns. Then, he’ll provide a look ahead to what’s coming up fast on the legislative and regulatory horizon. There will be lots of room for Q&A.

The MRA is the leading and largest association of the survey, opinion and marketing research profession.  Fienberg has served as MRA’s lobbyist for the research profession for more than 7 years, focused primarily on issues of consumer privacy, data security, and the Census.

More about Howard Fienberg : LinkedIN profile  | Follow Mr. Fienberg’s Twitter feedMRA_mber_wrds_SML


More about the Users Conference

The conference is only about two months away on April 24 & 25. Take advantage of the early registration discount and sign up now. Visit the links below to learn more.

Early Registration Ends February 28!

Register to attend   | Conference Agenda  | Hotel Reservations  | Sponsor the Conference

In addition to Fienberg’s presentation, we’re pleased to add a variety of other sessions and training opportunities to the agenda. Some of these include:

  • Hands-On Lab: Inbound & Outbound Call Blending to handle Mobile Call Backs
  • Best Practices: Sample Management and Operating in a 24×7 world
  • Advanced Programming
  • And lots of User panels!

Registration powered by RegOnline

  Single Registrations : $350

Team Registrations:

  • Two or more: $299/person
  • Three or more: $250/person

Prior Conference Newsletters and Articles

What do attendees think about the CfMC Users Conference? Here are a few highlights and newsletters from past conferences:

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Ten Ways to Tell It’s Time to Contact Client Services for Help

Sometimes it’s a balancing act trying to manage everything that has to be done so that your survey operations can run smoothly. All too often there are tight deadlines for getting the early insights that your customers demand.  Or, there might be a complex survey project that your team doesn’t have the time, desire, or expertise to handle. And sometimes you just need help to fill in gaps when people are on vacation.

services people

Client Services

We’ve put together a list of questions to help you decide when to bring in Client Services.

Here are the top ten ways to it’s time to contact CfMC Client Services for help.

  1. Do you have a demanding project that requires expertise beyond the skills of your staff?
  2. Want expert guidance in sample management to increase completed survey responses from the right demographics?
  3. Is your company growing but cannot yet afford to add headcount?
  4. Do you need to track public opinion over time?
  5. Are you looking to create a conjoint study and don’t know how to get started?
  6. Did your long-term client request Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and you don’t have the capability in-house to field an IVR study?
  7. Are you interested in conducting a survey seamlessly from one mode to another, such as from online to phone?
  8. Do your surveys need to be optimized for mobile devices?
  9. Do you need to outsource your survey platform hosting?
  10. Do you need someone to process your survey data — even if the data was collected with a third-party software provider?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then it’s time to think about contacting our experienced Client Services team. To learn the answers to these and other related questions, visit the Services page, or download the Client Services FAQ White Paper (pdf). To contact Client Services directly, send us an e-mail about your needs.

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Love Letter to Survey Management Software

Without you, I couldn’t get a pulse on what people think.heart_trans
The phones would be hung up as fast as you can blink.

My research insights could become erratic and weak.
And it would be difficult to get the right respondent to speak.

How could I ever meet a quota of 100 men — each with 3 dogs.
Who live in Wisconsin and each own 10 hogs?

Or women in San Diego who just purchased a certain brand TV.
And all have red hair, live in a condo, and sail the open sea?

How could I possibly get full sample control?
Without you, the work would be difficult and droll.

You make it possible to do CATI interviews from any location.
And quickly get the demographics I need from across the nation.

When you work with a predicable dialer, it makes my job so much better.
No wonder I feel compelled to write you this letter.

I think of integration with IVR, oh – that’s so sweet.
Combined with call blending – my life is complete.

And the way you relate to multi-mode is very nice,
I can jump from the web, to the phone, and to any device.

I’m more productive and save money thanks to you.
So, Happy Valentine’s Day,  for all that you do.

Visit our products page to learn what’s to love about Survent.

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Register Now to Attend the 2014 Users Conference April 24-25


April 24-25, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada

When Quota Matters

The 2014 CfMC Users Conference at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas is just a few months away.

Take advantage of the early registration discount by signing up now for event, which will be held April 24 and 25.

Registration powered by RegOnline

Conference Links

Register to attend   |  Conference Agenda  | Hotel Reservations  | Sponsor the Conference

Here is a preview of just a few of the topics that will be covered at this year’s Conference.  Please stay tuned to our event site for the most up to date information.


This year’s conference includes a full day of training sessions, occurring in the first half day on Thursday and continuing after lunch on Friday.  Training topics include:

  • Thursday Morning : Sample and Quota Management for Optimized Operations, including Cell Phone Management
  • Friday Afternoon : Advanced Programming: Multi-Mode, Mobile, IVR, Multi-Language, and Interactive Interface Techniques

Conference Sessions 

Here are just a few of the topics to be addressed in this year’s Users Conference sessions.

Some of the topics include:

  • Call Blending for the Future
  • User Case Study: How a Hosted Predictive Dialer Reduced Costs and Helped a Research Company to Scale
  • Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Multi-Language Surveys
  • How Services Can Help You Maximize Your Investment in CfMC Software Products
  • When Quota Matters
  • And much more!!!!!

We’ll keep you updated as new sessions are added. If you have an idea for a topic or would like to participate as a session speaker, please participate in our Users Conference Survey.

The conference theme, “When Quota Matters,” covers a broad range of related topics. If you’re interested in being a speaker, send us your suggestions by participating in our Users Conference Survey.

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Download the 2014 Sponsorship prospectus (pdf)

Users’ Conference Registration Rates

Single Registrations

  • Registration rate: $299 ($350 if after February 28, 2014)
  • Cancellation Policy: No cancellations/refunds after March 25, 2014
  • All meals, including the President’s reception Thursday night, are included.

Team Registrations

  • Two or more: $250/person ($299 after Feb. 28)
  • Three or more: $225/person ($250 after Feb. 28)


We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to increase your company’s visibility with other users of CfMC technology. For more detail and to secure your sponsorship, visit our Sponsorship Benefits page.

  • Bronze: $500 – Includes 1 conference attendee registration
  • Silver: $750 – Includes 1 conference attendee registration, breakfast or lunch co-sponsor
  • Gold: $950 – Includes 1 conference attendee registration, Breakfast sponsorship and more, access to a suite for meetings
  • Platinum: $1,500 – Includes 2 conference registrations, President’s Reception co-sponsorship and access to a Suite for meetings, prominence on all marketing materials

Location and Hotel

Bally’s Resort is offering rooms at $69 plus taxes and other fees. This room rate will be available (while supplies last) for the three days preceding and following the conference.

Book your room now

See you in Las Vegas!

Real Time Sample Management White Paper Available

CfMC’s Real Time Sample Management White Paper CfMC_2013 - QuotasmDanny Wong, the chief technology officer for CfMC, presented this information at the PAPOR conference in December 2013, under the topic “Optimizing for Outcomes:Real-time Sample Management Delivers Early Insights…Daily”.

Mr. Wong’s presentation and resulting white paper describes techniques for managing a consistent distribution of respondents every day for the express purpose of delivering daily actionable information, up until the end of a study.

Key Concept:  When survey data collection operations are carefully managed, the data collected daily in a study can provide the early insights that policy makers need to enable fast-paced, forward progress.  Real-time sample management techniques deliver representative respondents every day, not just at study end.

Key applications:

  • Politics – Demographic-based polling for campaign strategy decisions.
  • Public policy – Addressed-based research for regional policy making.

Visit our Resources page for this paper and others.

CfMC’s CTO to Discuss Real-Time Sample Management at the PAPOR Conference on December 13th

Danny Wong, the chief technology officer for CfMC, will discuss “Optimizing for Outcomes:Real-time Sample Management Delivers Early Insights…Daily” at the PAPOR conference in San Francisco. He’ll describe techniques for delivering a consistent distribution of respondents every day, up until the end of a study.

CfMC_2013 - Quotasm

If you are attending the conference, please stop by the Poster Session, from 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. on Friday, December 13, in the Crystal Lounge on the 11th floor of the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel. That’s where Danny will talk about how to actively manage the sample, monitor quota attainment, take corrective action, and deliver early insights.

You will need to register for the conference to attend the Poster Session. You can sign up for Friday-only registration sessions if you are not attending the entire conference.

This white paper on Sample Management can be requested under our resources section.

If you’d like to contact Danny directly, please send him an email at

Get Ready for the 2014 Users Conference

Update: 19Feb2014 – The preliminary agenda may now be downloaded (pdf)!

bally1It’s never too soon to start making plans for our next Users Conference. We’re looking forward to having you join us at Bally’s Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 24 -25, 2014.

The conference will focus on two full days of topics to help your organization meet the demands of providing effective, timely market research and opinion polling. We will look at some of the most compelling trends in marketing research and discuss ways to help your organization stay ahead of the curve. 

For example, we’ll discuss how to overcome the challenges of advanced survey data collection. You’ll learn best practices on collecting survey data across multiple modes. We will also discuss inbound/outbound call blending best practices to address cell phone call backs. 

The conference will have some great sessions to help you get the most value from CfMC software and supporting technologies. This is YOUR conference, so please send us your ideas for hands-on training and other topics you’d like to learn more about.

We’ll update our website later this month with more details about the conference but be sure to save the date now.

Hands-On Training Sessions Included

Hands-On training sessions will be held a half day on Thursday morning and a half day on Friday after lunch. Training sessions are included in the registration rate.

Please contact us with topics you would like to have considered for hands-on training sessions.

Conference Registration Rates

Early Registration (before February 24): $299
After February 24: $350

All meals, including the President’s reception Thursday night, are included.

Location and Hotel

Bally’s Resort is offering rooms at $69 plus taxes and other fees. This room rate will be available (while supplies last) for the three days preceding and following the conference.

Book your room now

See you in Las Vegas!

2014 Users Conference : April 24-25 Las Vegas

bally1Save the Date!

April 24 – April 25, 2014
Bally’s Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada

Conference Hotel Rate: $69/night
(plus taxes and fees)

In 2014, the 32nd Annual CfMC Users Conference returns to Las Vegas, Nevada, for two full days of topics geared toward improving your operations’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Seeking Topics and Speakers!

Do you have a topic you would like to see addressed in the 2014 conference? Please send us an e-mail. We will be accepting submissions until March 1, 2014.

We are also actively seeking speakers to lead or share in sessions featuring companies that discuss how they use CfMC software and supporting technologies.

The Users Conference is the perfect place to highlight your expertise with CfMC software and your experience in the marketing research and opinion polling industries.

Hands-On Training Sessions Included:

Hands-On training sessions will be held a half day on Thursday morning and a half day on Friday after lunch. Training sessions are included in the registration rate. Please send us an e-mail with the topics you would like to have considered for hands-on training sessions.

Conference Registration Rates:

Early Registration (before March 24): $299

After March 24: $350

Sponsorship and Exhibiting:

Opportunities to promote your company as a Supporter of the 2014 Users Conference starting at $750 are available now on a first-come, first-served basis. Commit to supporting the event today, and your name or logo will appear on all promotional messages to our user base, partners and other interested parties from November through April! Contact us for more information.

Innovate | Integrate | Motivate : Notes from the 2013 Users’ Conference

submitted by Mary McDougall, CfMC President & CEO

Download the 2013 Users’ Conference Newsletter to read more about the 2013 CfMC Users’ Conference.  Photos of the event, courtesy of Dan Rangel, are available as well.

The 2013 Users’ Conference was terrific!

Mary Grey Suit_sm

We had great representation from our customer base and strong support from our partners. We heard from you that….

  • Mobile is hot. Customers doing web-based surveys are predicting high growth in respondents using mobile devices. Estimates of mobile usage range from 20-35% by the end of 2013.
  •  Talent is tight. Growth is happening and balancing hiring with demand is often challenging.
  •  Costs are squeezed. We saw keen interest in productivity improvements enabled by the integrated predictive dialer & study server and in-bound/out-bound call blending.


Users:  Constantly must embrace new market requirements, evolving their people, processes & tools.

Multi Modal

Multi-Modal Surveys
click for larger image

CfMC:  Optimizes sample management and survey operations across CATI, Web, & IVR collection modes.

One system, multiple modes, optimally using your skilled resources for maximum return.

  • Enable interviewers to handle both Inbound & Out-bound calls.
  • Add IVR for screening, survey delivery, or experiential feedback.
  • Start a survey in one mode and resume in another.
Project Flow

External Sample Integration with CfMC
click for larger image


Users : Employ a mix of solutions to support their processes & workflows.

CfMC:  Navigator interfaces enable users to build composite workflows with a mix of vendors.

Project Flow

Data Visualization Integration with CfMC
click for larger image

  • Sample sources are easily set-up, deployed & managed.
  • Analysis & visualization tools access
  • data for faster client reporting.


Users & CfMC :  Our keynote, Merrill Dubrow, challenged us all to lead change and lean in.

The User Conference provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about your businesses and I’m looking forward to meeting more of our customers in the year ahead.

Conference Spotlight: Integrated Sample with Cint


Integrating with CfMC: Cint Sample

Sample integration with CfMC’s Navigator – A simple and convenient way to purchase panel sample. Ordering sample has never been so easy.

Join speaker Bo Mattsson, Cint founder and CEO, and learn how to automate the sample purchasing process by:

  • Specify Requirements: Basics, including Country, Region, Gender and Age and Profiling (Standard Demographics, Household, Profession and Transportation)
  • View Availability: Seeing the number of available respondents that match your requirements, tweak as needed
  • Review: Total sample purchase cost for your project
  • Confirm: Sample purchase purchase and go live

All from within the Navigator interface!

For further exploration, check out our recent Blog post on this integration with CINT.

Other Topics for 2013 include:

  • Software updates and new capabilities
  • Navigator new Features
  • Integrating with CfMC: Charts & Graphs
  • Celeus Dialer control options
  • Best Practices for Managing CfMC Environments
  • Cron Jobs
  • Multi Modal projects
  • The Text Editor Debate


Join us in Tampa for Two Days
of Industry Best Practices

Market Research studies are now conducted simultaneously in a variety of modes including CATI, CAPI, Web, IVR, and smart phone. Clients want faster insights, better data access for ad hoc analysis…and lower overall costs.

Send your team to learn how your company can optimize the data collection process across all methods AND deliver results more efficiently to your clients

We’re almost there!
Book your Hotel rooms by March 31!

Check out the Full Agenda

Registration Rates:

  • Conference Registration: $200
  • Discount of $25/attendee for 2 or more attendees registered from same company

Our Sponsors & Exhibitors

This event is brought to you by :


Sencomm jpg

key research

Thursday’s Breakfast Sponsor


Thursday’s Lunch Sponsor


Friday’s Breakfast Sponsor


Friday’s Lunch Sponsor



veracity ascribe

Conference Session Spotlight: Data Visualization



Integrating with CfMC: Charts & Graphs

Survey data collected in Survent can easily use third-party packages to report and share survey results with your clients in a variety of formats including online and PowerPoint.

Learn how to:

  • Automate Charting
  • Create Dynamic Dashboards
  • Analyze Survey Data with crosstabs and charts
  • Run Statistical Tests Automatically
  • Create Customized, client-ready, PowerPoint presentations
  • Quickly Re-Generate Presentations with new data leaving manual work untouched

This panel session features three such packages that utilize CfMC files in their native form to track and report research results in attractive charts and graphs.

Panelists include:

Other topics for 2013 include:

  • Software updates and new capabilities
  • Navigator new Features
  • Celeus Dialer control options
  • Best Practices for Managing CfMC Environments
  • Cron Jobs
  • Multi Modal projects
  • The Text Editor Debate

Check out the Full Agenda

Join us in Tampa for Two Days of Industry Best Practices

Market Research studies are now conducted simultaneously in a variety of modes including CATI, CAPI, Web, IVR, and smart phone. Clients want faster insights, better data access for ad hoc analysis…and lower overall costs.

Send your team to learn how your company can optimize the data collection process across all methods AND deliver results more efficiently to your clients

Check out the Full Agenda

Registration Rates:

  • Conference Registration: $200
  • Discount of $25/attendee for 2 or more attendees registered from same company

Our Sponsors & Exhibitors

This event is brought to you by :

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key research
Thursday’s Breakfast Sponsor
Thursday’s Lunch Sponsor
Friday’s Breakfast Sponsor
Friday’s Lunch Sponsor
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CfMC Adds Experienced Leader to Management Team

CfMC welcomed Mary McDougall as President & Chief Executive Officer for CfMC, effective January 21, 2013. Outgoing President & CEO Danny Wong will remain on the leadership team as an active member of CfMC’s Board of Directors and in his new role as Chief Technology Officer where Danny will focus on strategic software development and continue to be actively involved with CfMC’s customers and partners.

Mary Grey Suit_sm

Mary McDougall, CfMC President & CEO

Mary brings over 20 years of experience in business management, executive leadership, strategic planning and operational roles. She joins us from BMC Software where she recently led the company’s transformation from traditional software developer to software-as-a-service provider. Her prior focus has been on the ‘last mile’ in bringing products to market, creating strategic partnerships, channel programs, and developer initiatives that help customers realize greater value from their technology investments.

Before joining BMC in 2004, Mary founded IronSpire, a SaaS project collaboration service for general contractors, and was instrumental in growing two other software ventures. As a coach and mentor for Astia, Mary helps women-led businesses gain access to capital and serves as an Advisory Board member for San Jose State’s Engineering Business school where she contributes as an author and speaker.

Mary was also one of the first women to earn an Engineering degree from Dartmouth College before getting her MBA from Harvard Business School. You can read more about Mary on her Linked In profile.

These changes in the CfMC management team strengthen our continued focus on renewal and investment in core offerings to the marketing research and opinion polling industries. Adding Mary to the team and shifting Danny Wong’s focus to R&D-related tasks positions CfMC to more effectively bring new capabilities to market and build on the foundation of excellence delivered to CfMC clients over the years.

If not before, you can also meet Mary in person at the CfMC Users’ Conference April 18-19, 2013, in Tampa, Florida. We hope to see you all there.

Cint integration with Navigator

CfMC is pleased to announce a new capability within Navigator.

With this new development, CfMC Navigator users with a Cint account can program/upload, compile, and test their webSurvent study, then go to the Partners tab within Navigator to access Cint’s project calculator.

The Cint calculator will consider your project’s requirements (demographics, profiling, number of questions, survey length, etc) and provide users the number of available respondents and total project cost – available in either USD or Euro currencies. Once satisfied, simply confirm the purchase and your webSurvent study will soon be ready to launch!

Try this service out below and by contacting our CfMC Service .

User Perspective: Adopting Standards

Laurie Esposito, AOS Research

by: Laurie Esposito, AOS Research

This article was prepared for the 2012 CfMC Users’ Conference Newsletter.  Download the full newsletter (PDF).

I understand the benefits of having exceptional methodology in standards first hand. I began my career employed by a large company extremely concerned with the quality of their product. From the start, I was taught to follow proper standards and protocol, but it was only after leaving that company did I fully realize the importance of having such standards and protocols in place. Since then, I have implemented best practices for programming to help me establish standards wherever standards are absent or insufficient. I use standards in all aspects of my workflow, from programming front-end, back-end and processing procedures to setting up and maintaining servers and software. I even incorporate standards when communicating with project personnel and clientele.

Best practices for programming are a universal methodology independent of any particular software development language. It has proven itself time and time again to help produce the highest quality product through minimal effort, reduce stress and practically eliminate error. While it may appear tedious or extraneous at first, once established, implementing and following standards have a deep and far reaching impact on how you work, and how your work is perceived. A quick Internet search will yield a multitude of useful articles written on this subject. I would strongly recommend everyone; even those currently following standards, to take some time and review your best practices. See if there is anything that can be improved upon. You will benefit in the long run.

User Perspective: A note of thanks from The Gallup Organization

Written by: John Selix, The Gallup Organization

John Selix, The Gallup Organization

This article was prepared for the 2012 CfMC Users’ Conference Newsletter.  Download the full newsletter (PDF).

Another great CfMC User  Conference in the exciting town of San Francisco is in the books.  I was fortunate to be able to attend two years in a row.  I was glad to bring along with me a first timer to the conference, Bobby Feilmeier.  Bobby is both a Gallup Sample Manager for outbound interviewing and a System Admin for Gallup IVR inbound and now outbound systems.

Gallup is currently working with CfMC on developing and deploying our first install of the Celeus dialer and CfMC IVR system using Celeus for both IVR outbound and IVR inbound.  At the same time we are upgrading to version 8.5.  We were able to go live with several outbound IVR studies in the last few months and complete them successfully.  We were pleasantly surprised with a much higher contact and completion rate than expected on our last IVR outbound study, which was U.S. sample. It looks like the Celeus dialer will definitely have a future at Gallup.

It was fun to get acquainted and re-acquainted with our fellow CfMC users.  It was good to see you all and to be face-to-face with so many from CfMC.  Good to see Sandy and Charlie who I haven’t seen in so many years.  Everyone was excited and in great spirits.  The users, and CfMC were full of enthusiasm.  You could tell that 2011 was a pretty good year for most and it looks like 2012 will be another good year.

Thank you to the CfMC staff for all the hard work put forth into making this a fun, exciting, and successful conference.  Bobby and I had a great time at the Giants ball game Wednesday night and Friday night we finally made it to Alcatraz.  What a great tour experience.  Had a blast! It was great conference and I look forward to many more.

THANK YOU CfMC and CfMC Users!!

User Perspective: Custom JavaScript

Written by Jim Laguna, LHK Partners Inc.

This article was prepared for the 2012 CfMC Users’ Conference Newsletter.  Download the full newsletter (PDF).

At the CFMC conference this year Daniele Pizzocchero led the session on Custom JavaScripts. For the first part of the session he demonstrated how to call custom JavaScripts into webSurvent by placing the call to the script in the pagetop.tmpl. He explained that there should be an order to the scripts that are called in.

The second part of the session Daniele displayed some of the new JavaScripts that CfMC has constructed and put on their demonstrations page. One script allows the respondent to highlight parts of text on a screen and it stores the highlighted data. We’ve used this script for a study and found it worked quite well. Another script he showed was a drag and drop ranking that allows the respondent to rank items by dragging and dropping them into a box on the screen. These two scripts along with the others that are on the demo site have become quite a nice library to use when you need to enhance your webSurvent surveys.

Thanks to Daniele for an informative session and thanks to everyone at CfMC for another great conference.

User Perspective: Navigator Users Speak

Written by: Lisa Mangone, CfMC Support

This article was prepared for the 2012 CfMC Users’ Conference Newsletter.  Download the full newsletter (PDF).

Lisa Mangone, CfMC Support

Since our Users’ Conference in 2011, our Navigator® product has grown by leaps and bounds and I was very excited to share these enhancements at this year’s User Conference.  CfMC’s Navigator Development team has worked very hard in making this product as user-friendly as possible.

For example, we have made the security features more advanced for non-Navigator users and made functions easier to use like creating a custom look or adding a look to reporting. Furthermore, we made all reporting and data analysis act consistently, and have added a Shared File area where users can upload files to a centralized area.   We have also given users the ability to brand their Navigator product with their own look.

I’d like to thank our users for their input and feedback on the Navigator and thank you for allowing me to present these enhancements to you at the conference.

 The Navigator User Panel Discussion happened live at our annual Users’ Conference in April 2012 in San Francisco.  The next annual conference is scheduled for Spring 2013, location and details to follow.

I also moderated this year’s Navigator User Panel discussion.   Tim Alex, Brian Carson, Mike Lange, and Ed Ledek are users that helped with the panel discussion.  Each one uses the Navigator differently and each one brought great insight with their experiences.   All mentioned how the security on the Navigator is a great asset.   They can all control their users and clients by using the built-in security features.  They also mentioned how user-friendly the Navigator is, freeing up time for other tasks.

User Excerpts:

Tim Alex from Thoroughbred Research Group 

“We had some install issues, some IP address issues. Functionally, I love it.  It gives us a single point of entry for clients for custom reports and on-demand tables.  This means more time for scriptwriters to program surveys.  Our non-trained [non-technical] salesperson was able to get a basic survey programmed and live in 2 hours.”

 “The Navigator discussion was extremely insightful.  By sharing ideas with CfMC staff and other users we not only gain insight in to how we use the product now, we also help shape the development of Navigator for future use.  Sharing viewpoints with other users helps us address issues and understand how to use Navigator more efficiently and effectively.  We look forward to expanding our use of Navigator and sharing more ideas with users and CfMC at next year’s conference!”

Brian Carson from Maximum Research

“Navigator has a lot more features than other packages.  For supervisors, project managers etc., if there is something they need, they can usually figure out how to get there in Navigator.  The data/reporting department can now Reformat and get open ends by doing these things in Navigator, without the programmer getting involved.  Navigator is helpful in cross training others in the company for project support.”

 Mike Lange from STR Center

“As a new user I can see a big benefit in the secure access layer that has been built in Navigator.   I also think the interface is intuitive, the help documentation is good and the learning curve is not very steep. “

 Ed Ledek from Key Research

“We have found Navigator to be extremely user friendly.  We have used it to start our company from scratch and are on our way to having multiple locations with supervisors, programmers and managers that have all levels of experience (beginner to veteran).  Frankly, Navigator plus the hosted predictive solution are the key to our early success.  We plan on growing with CfMC and their various services in conjunction with our ongoing use of Navigator, WebCATI, etc.”

“By the way, two thumbs up for the CfMC support team/effort.  They understand that their products and services are the “heart” of our operations.  We are delighted with the staff, the assistance and the general desire to help us succeed.”

More about Navigator®

Navigator is the interface to managing webCATI and webSurvent projects.  Project and shop managers use Navigator to set-up, test, and launch surveys.  After launch, users can track web response (clicks & starts, suspends, etc.) and share results with clients by way of web tables and on-demand cross-tabs.  Reporting capabilities are included with Navigator and Navigator is provided at no charge to webCATI and webSurvent clients.

Navigator can be customized to include your company’s (or your client’s) branding in surveys, reports and even the Navigator interface.


Mentor Tabulation FAQs

Mentor™, the CfMC statistical analysis, tabulations and reporting system designed specifically for survey and opinion research, has been relied on by the world’s researchers for over 45 years and continues to advance in capabilities.

Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about Mentor.

Q: Does MENTOR allow for extensive editing of column widths and table length (per page)? 

A: Absolutely! Just as a couple of examples, the default column width is 8 but the column width can be any size and each column in the table can be a different size.

The default table length per page is 60. You can change the length of the
table to be longer or shorter.

Q: How many banner points am I allowed across the page?

A: As many as you want; 10,000 for sure – more than you most likely will ever need.

Q : Can Mentor format margins within the program itself, or do you need to dump it into Microsoft Word to make cosmetic changes? 

A: You can do some formatting of the top, left and bottom margins. If you need special formatting, we recommend the output be put in a Rich Text Format file. With this format you can perform countless cosmetic changes.

Q: Does it look excellent when you simply print the results from inside the system without any tweaking in other applications? 

A: You can make excellent looking tables simply by outputting a Rich Text Format file and utilizing CSS and HTML. The default printed table is fairly vanilla and contains only basic design elements, leaving you free to customize the look-and-feel. The program can read in user-designed Rich Text Format specifications (font size, font color, font style, etc.) and apply those specifications to the output.

For Web Tables, you can output HTML files which can read in a user-designed CSS file (font size, front color, font style, logo/branding, background colors, etc.) and apply those specifications to the output. When producing web tables, you can also add a password for security.

Q: Will it perform t-test and significance tests at the 90% and 95% range? 

A: Yes, Mentor can do Newman-Keuls testing at the 90, 95, 99% levels. In addition, Mentor can do All Pairs testing at the 80, 90, 95 and 99% levels.

Q: How easily can you weight the data? 

A: Weighting is one of the many strong suits of Mentor. Not only can Mentor weight the tables but weights can be stored in the data file or specified based on specific data conditions. A whole table can be weighted by one weight or you can apply weights to each column or weights to each row.

Q: Will the tables print beautifully, but presented with awesome charts, can it knock my client’s socks off? 

A: The program outputs delimited table files, which can be used with various charting programs. You are not limited in this regard to any one project. This gives you the ability to choose from any of the newest-latest charting tools available.

Q: Is Mentor integrated into the Navigator interface?

A: Some Mentor-powered technologies are included with Navigator. For instance, On-Demand tables, a utility for creating on-the-fly cross-tabulations tables may be produced without further setup if the study is launched in Navigator.  Navigator also uses Mentor to produce Web Tables which can be customized via Mentor specifications.  For either, users can apply custom branding and share results securely with clients.

Q: What are Mentor’s volume-processing capabilities?

A: If these maximum capabilities are limits, we’d like to know more about what you are doing.  These are usually well and above what 99% of researchers need.

  • Maximum Mentor record length = 65,000
  • Maximum number of input files = 255
  • Maximum number of output files = no limit
  • Maximum number of characters in a string variable = 5000
  • Maximum number of decimal places in a number = 15

Q: How is Mentor licensed?

A: CfMC offers per-user lease agreements for organizations and a special “Freelance” license for individuals. Some training may be required.  Contact a CfMC solutions specialist for more information.

New Security White Paper Available

A new white paper about CfMC data collection software security is now available.  

CfMC values security of access at all levels; when respondents  log into self-administered web surveys and when users log into CfMC applications on networked environments.  Users simply must be authenticated to access CfMC applications – unless of course you want an ‘open survey’ experience.

CfMC provides application and data security designs to meet the most stringent requirements.   Our  software design, implementation policies and procedures are guided by end users’ research business processes and objectives. This strategy supports the development of software and solutions specifically designed to match research/opinion polling industry standards and practices.

By consistently working with and for clients and industry professional associations, CfMC produces technologies and supports techniques within the contexts of the known, expanding and changing research requirements.

Request the Security White Paper to learn more.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Company

Privately branding Navigator

Navigator, CfMC’s project and interviewer management interface, can now be branded to include your company’s logo and branding elements.

Customized Navigator Interface Screenshot

What’s more, these branding capabilities are included at no additional charge.   Navigator itself is also included for users of Survent v8.5.1 and up.

The step-by-step tutorial  is part  of our Getting Started set of documentation.

Learn how to customize:

  • Background colors
  • Logos
  • Buttons
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Border color
  • Header
  • Footer

Navigator logo

Once signing into Navigator, click on the Help tab and look for the Getting Started section in the left navigation bar.

A software update is not required to perform these tasks, but some experience with .CSS is preferred.

CfMC Adds to Dialer Support Team

CfMC welcomes Joshua R. Flores to the CfMC Support Team.  Josh, who joined CfMC late in 2011, brings with him a fresh perspective and augments our current support offerings, especially in the area of telephony and support of predictive dialing operations.

Joshua R. Flores

Josh has significant knowledge in call centers and was an early explorer into the benefits of using the Asterisk telephony platform for large telephone and business operations.  He played an active role in the open source development efforts of Asterisk, implementation and maintenance of the system at Discovery Research Group, and was a significant contributor to the launch of CfMC’s Celeus dialer.

In addition to his experience with large-scale telephony and the Celeus dialer, Josh knows the Survent specification language, has managed  CATI projects, and is experienced in setting up and maintaining cloud-based IT systems. 

Josh joined the CfMC support team in late 2011 after nine years of employment with Discovery Research Group (DRG), a leading quantitative research services group and long-time CfMC user.  DRG specializes in full-service research and utilizes CfMC’s software to implement its telephone, web, and mobile interviewing data collection methods.

Vaughn Mordecai, DRG President, recently had this to say about Josh : “Josh Flores will be an excellent addition to the CfMC support team.  He adds a knowledge of dialing systems that is unrivaled in the Asterisk telephony space.  He played a significant role in our execution of the Celeus dialer at Discovery and was a strong contributor to its development at the Alpha and Beta levels for CfMC.  Josh will add a level of support to this product that was largely unrealized prior to his addition.  He has a strong desire to assist others, improve systems, and innovate new solutions.  He will be an excellent resource for the CfMC user base.”

Jim Ratto, Manager of Support reports that; “Even in the short time Josh has been with us he has already made a significant contribution because of his vast experience with not only CfMC products and services, but also with how they integrate with the technologies that are needed to run a call center. His knowledge of telephony in particular is a welcome addition to both our dialer support and development teams.”

More about Josh Flores: Linked In profile

New webCATI Demo

What does a webCATI® interviewer see?   That’s a bit of a trick question because you can fully customize the interviewer look to your requirements.

We have recently updated our webCATI example to demonstrate some of the capabilities described below.

Click to start webCATI demo

The webCATI interviewer demo simulates an actual interviewing environment. We have included grids, rotating grids, and constant sum question types utilizing basic Survent functions such as: skip patterns, required responses, suspending and scheduling a record to be called on at a later time.

Question types/questionnaire features included in this demo: grids, rotating grids, constant sums, skip patterns, and required answers.

Tracking Interviewer Time: When managing a call center, it is important to track your interviewers’ non-interviewing time as well as time speaking with survey participants.  This demo includes the capability for an interviewer to choose to “Go to Lunch”, “Go on Break” or “Go to a Meeting” before and after completion of an interview.

Navigator Included: WebCATI users also have access to the browser-based Navigator®, our research operations management tool which enables you to manage interviewers, studies and client/partner access from anywhere.

Navigator includes a wide variety of project tracking reports including session reports which can be run on interviewer ID, Time, Counts, Completes, Resolved status and more for any time frame and across studies.  Navigator includes Phone, Quota, Sample, and Market Reports for project management and Custom Web Tables and On-Demand Tables for data analysis and results that can be shared with your clients.

webCATI® Advantages

WebCATI enables you to share projects across facilities with distributed interviewing, but it can also be used to improve the interviewing experience and the quality of data collected.

As a browser-based technology, webCATI has certain advantages over terminal mode interviewing.

Quality Control:  By taking advantage of HTML and technologies like JavaScript quality of interview can be better assured.  JavaScript can also be used for allocation questions – subtotals and even spreadsheet-style question sets with grand totals can be recorded and summed in real time for interviewers.

For example, by utilizing JavaScript technology you can ensure that if “Other” is selected the “specify” text box must also have a response.  When you have a question that requires the respondent to divide $100 among several response items,  JavaScript can also be used to ensure that all $100 is accounted for before moving on to the next question.

Users can also color-code interviewer instructions and bold/underline/italicize text for emphasis.   Both of these capabilities can be seen in this demo.

Branding:  WebCATI is browser-based, your CATI surveys can be privately branded and can use many of the same web technologies used in web surveys to add elements of quality control.

Keyboard-entry mode: We have heard some users prefer interviewers use a keyboard for 100% of the interview and not rely on a mouse.  WebCATI users have the option of programming their survey in  keyboard-entry mode which maps all survey navigation to keys on your keypad/keyboard instead of using visual response elements like radio buttons and check boxes.  Ask us for more information on this capability if you are interested.

More webCATI Features

  • Multi-modal capabilities with one robust and versatile backbone. WebSurvent and webCATI share the same data file and use the same scripting language
  • Integrated Dialer: webCATI reaches new heights of efficiency with the bundled Celeus Predictive Dialer
  • Up to 10 million sample records
  • Up to 1 million questions per survey
  • Browser and terminal modes available
  • Navigator included: Manage CATI stations and sample, report on your operations with our easy to use interface
  • Eliminate expensive overhead: Manage interviewers working remotely as if they were in your call-center

New Web Survey Demo

CfMC webSurvent surveys are capable of just about any question type you can devise.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increased demand from our clients (and their clients) for more “visual” ways to ask questions.  Using visual representations of questions can involve the respondent more with the survey and can help with respondent fatigue.

In this new web survey demo, we demonstrate just a few of the more graphical types of questions that can be composed using webSurvent software and JavaScript technologies.   WebSurvent installations also come with a library of JavaScripts that can be used to bring these kinds of visual question types into your surveys.

In this Features Demo, we show several examples including:

  • Sliders – vertical, horizontal, midpoint and allocation types

    click to enter demo

  • Text Highlighting – highlight what you like/don’t like about messaging statements, product attributes, etc.
  • Drag-and-Drop Timeline – respondents can put specific actions, results, etc in order based on their experience AND set the length of the timeline to be used
  • Drag-and-Drop Rank Order – a simple ranking question accomplished by drag-and-drop, instead of numeric ranking
  • Block Scale (see image) – Adding color to your scale questions can help the respondent answer your scale questions by color intensity as well as by scale number

CfMC provides training for users needing assistance in utilizing these technologies together.  The CfMC Service Bureau can also program studies with these capabilities for you.